Jennifer Aniston Talks Beauty Tips: No Tanning, Organic Sugar-Free Low-Carb Diet, Yoga & Running [Video]

Jennifer Aniston is dishing out beauty tips. And they range from an organic diet to yoga to a ban on a tan. Recalling the days when she felt that she could never have too much fun in the sun, Aniston now admits that she had to force herself to quit her tanning addiction, reported E! News.

At 46, the Friends actress says that she’s discovered what really works — and what past mistakes still haunt her. Her passion for tanning in the past makes Aniston committed to compensating by plastering on the sunscreen today.

“I gave myself a sun-tanning intervention a few years ago, where I was basically saying, ‘Let’s just quit while we’re ahead,'” confessed Aniston. “I was not great as a kid with sunscreen. That’s one of my big regrets.”

As a result, sunscreen takes precedence over tanning. And that’s just one of Jennifer’s beauty secrets. She also is a believer in getting glowing skin through diet, especially drinking lots of water.

Gulping down five water bottles daily, Aniston argues that hydration is essential to a beautiful body. Add in diet and exercise and you’ve got the Fountain of Youth, Jennifer told Yahoo Beauty.

“Our generation knows what we should put in our bodies, and that we shouldn’t be trashcans putting all sorts of crap in there. We know all the benefits of eating organic fruits and clean foods. We learned that smoking and sugar are the enemy,” opined Aniston.

And just as with her new ban on tanning, Jennifer feels that her generation has become aware of the importance of skin care at an early age.

“Our generation knows these things. We knew to take care of our skin from an early age,” added the actress.

In addition to her organic, sugar-free diet and avoidance of tanning, Aniston is an advocate for exercise.

She alternates running, yoga, and Barre method.

“My love is running. I like to do a good trifecta, where I do the bike for 15 minutes, elliptical for 15, and then I run for 15. On the elliptical I kind of do sprints for 90 seconds, take it back to a jog for 30 seconds, and do intervals for the last minutes. Then I mix a day of yoga. Lately, because of my injury, I’ve only been able to do Barre method. Boy, I forgot how much that really hurts and kicks your butt.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jennifer’s yoga trainer Mandy Ingber praised her for her dedication to her low-carb diet and fitness plan. Aniston’s diet emphasizes protein and veggies while cutting down on starchy carbohydrates such as bread.

“She works on her body. It doesn’t just happen,” emphasized Mandy.

Disclaimer: The Inquisitr strongly recommends you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. This article is not an endorsement by the Inquisitr of any of the diets mentioned in this article.

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