Malaysia Airlines MH370 Families Angry Over Mixed Signals In Debris Findings

Malaysia Airlines MH370 families are once again in agony over the mixed signals that seem to be coming from the investigation into the debris found on the French island of Reunion, where what are thought to be parts of the wreckage washed ashore more than a year after the plane vanished.

The Boeing 777 disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China on March 8, 2014. Without one piece of debris found after an exhaustive search in different areas, but centered in the Southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia, the Malaysia Airlines MH370 families have lived a nightmare which continues to this day.

In the initial aftermath of the plane’s disappearance, government authorities in Malaysia and China mishandled the situation as it relates to the families. From the different theories of what happened to the airliner, to the way Malaysia Airlines MH370 families were treated, the loved ones of the 239 souls on board the lost plane have been frustrated, to say the least.

Malaysia Airlines MH370 families protest
(Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Now, as the first pieces of evidence have apparently been found in Reunion, there is much of the same. Malaysia’s Prime Minister said on Wednesday, French experts analyzing the pieces of fuselage found on the remote island “conclusively confirmed” the wing piece belongs to Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Families reportedly received the information via a text message, which also infuriated many, as it shows a lack of sensitivity towards the suffering loved ones. To their utter dismay, the Prime Minister’s statements appeared to be contradicted by French investigators, who didn’t go as far as using the word confirmation and only said it is “highly likely” the flaperon discovered belongs to the Boeing 777.

“They are little parts, but the debris cannot be verified if it belongs to MH370. It has to be verified by the French authorities,” Malaysia Transport Minister said adding to the confusion and frustration. “I can only ascertain that it’s plane debris.”

Malaysia Airlines MH370 debris
Malaysia Airlines MH370 search area (Image via BBC)

For the Malaysia Airlines MH370 families it’s agonizing. After wondering for more than a year what became of their loved ones to have more mixed signals has made some furious. A group gathered to protest outside the airline’s Beijing offices, according to the BBC.

“To the world, it has been more than a year, but to us, we live this agony every day.” Malaysia Airlines MH370 family member Grace Subathirai Nathan — the daughter of a missing passenger — said.

[Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images]