Petition Wants President Obama To Deport Kelly And Sharon Osbourne

Even though Kelly Osbourne didn't have bad intentions, her wrongly worded statement that suggested Latinos are only capable of cleaning toilets backfired in a major way. As the Mirror reports, Kelly is being accused of being quite the hypocrite.

"She's since issued a statement saying she takes responsibility for her choice of words, but some people have called her a 'hypocrite' because she hit out at her fellow Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic earlier this year over a comment the presenter made towards Zendaya Coleman."
On the show Fashion Police, Rancic had said Zendaya's Oscar dreadlocks looked like they would smell of weed. Some though the statement was harmless. Some were also offended, but Kelly Osbourne used it as a publicity stunt to make herself look good. She condemned Rancic for her choice of words and then quit the show. Many believe the comments Kelly made about Latinos is far worse than anything Giuliana Rancic has ever said.

The backlash has become so fierce that it now involves her mother, Sharon, also known for getting herself into trouble by speaking inappropriately. A petition at aims to get both Kelly and Sharon deported from the U.S. The mission statement, aimed at President Obama, is pretty cruel and may not even be completely true.

"Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are entitled piglets who think they can constantly criticize and demean people. However, Sharon has proven what a bad mother she is by all her kids becoming drug addicts. Her daughter Kelly has the guts to say that all Latinos clean toilets."
The fact that almost 40 people (so far) have signed the petition with some vile remarks may not prove Kelly and Sharon are awful people, but it does show much these two are disliked by the general public, whether or not the vitriol aimed at them is deserved.

"These two idiots have big mouths and the galls to criticize others when their closets aren't exactly clean," writes Clinton Prince of Detroit, MI.

"Kelly Osbourne is a racist hypocrite and Sharon Osbourne is the criminal for having her," writes Josh Denton of Chicago, IL.

Those were actually two of the nicer comments. Some of the others are too demeaning to be reprinted. The backlash on Twitter is nasty as well.

In the old days (well, just ten years ago), Kelly Osbourne would have been a target of a backlash, but not this brutal. Social media has allowed people to say the most crude things to celebrities. One can only hope that both Sharon and Kelly Osbourne learn from this public relations disaster and stop being so mean to others they dislike.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]