Young Thug Fans: Expect More Delays Getting New Music

Young Thug will delay his album Hy!£UN35 to see if he can put some more tracks on it. Young Thug fans forgot all about the release of the Slime Season mixtape since news of Hy!£UN35. Some speculate that Slime Season is off or probably getting merged into the album. Young Thug has tentatively stated that fans will see the new album out in September.

Hy!£UN35 was originally supposed to come out on August 28. Now it’s looking more like September 24 or later. But with Young Thug, there’s no telling. He’s the most unpredictable man in show business right now.

If you can’t get over the weird album name, just say HiTunes, as that’s how it’s pronounced and sometimes spelled. “Pacifier” is the first single from the upcoming album. It was released last month, and there is no telling if it will suffer the same fate as Slime Season. It should be a bit more stable since it is his first official album release after numerous mixtapes.

Despite the pattern of delays, Young Thug’s fans still love him. During his performance at this year’s Lollapalooza, he brought a fan on stage who seemed to impress the crowd with his knowledge of all of Young Thug’s lyrics.

MTV reported on the happy fan and his lyrical feat.

“Rap fans and listeners like to joke that Young Thug’s lyrics are often indecipherable — and let’s face it, it does often take multiple close listens to figure out exactly what Thugger’s spewing — which is what makes knowing all the words at a show that much more impressive.”

“Despite the difficulties, there were a handful of people at Grant Park in Chicago for the first day of Lollapalooza who were able to go bar for bar with Thug. And one fan in particular got singled out by the Barter 6 rapper for his in-crowd performance.”

At this point he let the young man on stage during “Danny Glover.” Despite him knowing the words, some fans wonder if he knew what it all meant. You can never know when you listen to Young Thug.

A lot of the sporadic music release trouble may have to do with the legal trouble Young Thug is dealing with. Uproxx commented on how Young Thug is still managing to release music in the midst of all that.

“But, after a plethora of legal issues and arrests, he’s still somehow found a way to release new music. Thug and his label, 300, picked this very tumultuous time in his life to release “Pacifer,” the first single off of his debut album HiTunes.”

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA]