January 3, 2018
Kimberly Rector: Wife Shoots Husband Because She 'Was Tired Of Him'

There are often situations of domestic disturbances that don't make a lot of sense and often, there are no reasons given for why they happened. Well, a woman is charged with shooting her husband outside of a bar late on Tuesday night, and she gave a perfectly clear reason for pulling the gun and shooting him. Kimberly Rector simply said she "was tired of him."

According to WDTV, 54-year-old Kimberly Rector was arrested and had her bail set at $200,000 for shooting her husband in front of White Front Tavern and Grill in Taylor County, West Virginia. Her husband is 67-year-old Robert Rector, who was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

THEET reported that Taylor Sheriff Terring Skinner said Bob Rector was taken to the hospital in Morgantown with a gunshot wound to the abdomen, but hospital officials denied he was a patient.

"I believe they're married, but possibly in the process of a divorce."
As she was being transported to the county jail, Kimberly Rector told police that she "was tired of him," and went to his vehicle to get his gun. She took the gun out of the vehicle, waited for him to come outside, and shot him.

Kimberly Rector admitted that she had never fired a gun before and didn't even realize she had hit him. She brought the gun back to his vehicle and then waited for police to arrive. She also said that she knew her "daughters were going to be really mad" at her.

Witnesses at the White Front Tavern and Grill did say that Kimberly shoot the weapon multiple times.

Upon arriving on the scene, police recovered the gun and saw that the cylinder contained five empty.17 cartridges. Only one bullet was said to have hit Bob Rector, and it was in his abdomen.

Kelly and Bob Turoczty, the owners of White Front Tavern and Grill, issued a statement for their customers. They wanted to let them know that the incident happened outside of their location and not inside of it, and that their bar is still a "friendly environment."

"The incident that happened on Wendel Road was near our establishment, not in it. We just want you to know that the incident that happened on Wendel Road was not because of something that occurred in our establishment. What occurred could have happened at any establishment. It was not because of anything that occurred here."
Kimberly Rector heading to a bar and shooting her husband, Robert Rector, because she "was tired of him" is a serious situation and the police are treating it as such. They have her in custody due to the domestic disturbance and are further investigating the matter.

[Image via WDTV]