‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Urges Fans To Pray For Child Battling Brain Tumor

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson, star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, is urging her fans to “storm the gates of heaven” for a child suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.

Fox News is reporting that on July 29th, Sadie Robertson posted an Instagram photo of Katie Joyce, kicking off an outpouring of support.

“The doctors say we need a miracle,” Robertson wrote in the post, which had racked up 157,000 likes and nearly 9,000 comments as of Wednesday morning. “The only thing that can fix this is if we storm the gates of heaven.”

Katie Joyce was diagnosed with a tumor on her brain stem at the age of 2. She was treated at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, where doctors removed the tumor, but four years later, a tumor returned, according to her grandfather.

“They operated one time and got the tumor. Of course they follow up rigidly at St. Jude, and they found another spot.”

The new tumor is inoperable, according to doctors. Sadie Robertson is begging her fans for prayers of support. According to Fox News, Robertson wrote in the Instagram caption that Joyce’s tumor is on her brain stem, and she rallied fans to pray for the child and leave their words of encouragement in the comments. The Dancing with the Stars season 19 runner-up also invited her followers to leave comments about their loved ones who need prayers.

Christian Today said Sadie Robertson posted a photo of Katie in her hospital bed with two stuffed animals beside her.

“Her family found out she has a brain tumour and its on her brain stem which is inoperable. The doctors say we need a miracle. The only thing that can fix this is if we storm the gates of heaven. Write comments of encouragement & if you know someone who needs prayer, feel free to write it in a comment & I will pray for all of you as well,” Sadie wrote.

Sadie Robertson’s fans have answered her request, posting their own experiences and adding prayers for Katie’s recovery.

“Dear Lord, help this young girl with this current situation. Help her parents have to ability to watch her grow up and become a wonderful human being. Amen,” someone commented on the photo.

“God has a plan for her, her family, and her friends. Sending out lots of prayers for her. With God, everything is possible,” someone said.

Will you join Sadie Robertson in praying for Katie?

[Photo courtesy of Monica Schipper/Getty Images]