Photo Of Couple Performing Public Sex Act At Veld Festival In Toronto Goes Viral

A photo of a couple engaged in a public sex act at the Veld festival in Toronto has gone viral, with the picture causing quite a stir online.

The photo shows a man and woman engaged in the act amid the outdoor concert, with the photo not showing their faces. The explicit photo found its way to Reddit on Wednesday, where it quickly became one of the top posts of the day.

The person who uploaded the photo did not have any context, but said it was taken by a friend who attended the outdoor music festival. The Veld festival is a weekend-long electronic music festival that is known to have a very loose atmosphere, with drug use and casual nudity not uncommon.

While the picture of the public sex act at the Veld festival has gone viral, the music event is drawing attention for another less-than-stellar reason. Sunday’s thunderstorm forced organizers to cancel the festival, leading many fans to take to social media to demand a refund, the CBC reported.

On Wednesday, those organizing the festival responded, issuing a statement saying those who bought tickets through TicketMaster and other authorized points of sale will be refunded.

“We are extremely disappointed that we had to cancel a portion of the second day of the festival but VELD Music Festival stands by its decision to evacuate Downsview Park due to approaching high winds, lightning and hail storms in the area. The safety of our patrons is always our number one priority.”

The Veld festival is not the first time a concert has been overshadowed by the bad behavior of some concertgoers. At a Dead Kennedys concert in California earlier this year, a photo of a couple engaged in a sex act stole headlines. The picture, taken inside the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, showed a woman reclined on the edge of the stage while a man performed a sex act on her.

Many other fans captured video and photos of the act, which also found their way to Reddit and went viral.

“This was something definitely different to see at a punk concert,” said Chris, who did not give his last name, in an interview with 10News.

“I think it was more an oddity, people just saw something strange for a few minutes,” Chris added.

The incident even led 10News to investigate whether charges could be brought against the couple, but the sheriff’s department didn’t seem to be too worried.

“Team 10 called the sheriff’s department to find out if the unnamed man and woman could face charges. A spokesperson pointed us to PC 314, which states that any person who exposes his or herself in a public place can face a misdemeanor if others are “offended or annoyed.”

“At this point, the sheriff’s department said there were no official complaints made to the agency, but it could be a violation of the business and professions code.”

The uncensored photo of the couple engaged in a sex act at the Veld festival in Toronto can be seen in this Reddit thread.

[Image via YouTube]