Couple Performs Sex Act On Stage At Dead Kennedys Show, Photo Goes Viral

A couple was caught performing a sex act on stage during a Dead Kennedys concert in California, and a photo of the shocking act has now gone viral.

The incident happened Thursday during a show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. As the punk band the Dead Kennedys played, the fully exposed woman reclined on the edge of the stage while a man performed a sex act on her.

The sex act was captured on video and pictures from many of the other concert goers, and on Friday, one of them uploaded the shocking picture and shared it on Reddit. The picture quickly went viral, gaining more than 4,000 user upvotes.

Other concertgoers said they couldn’t believe what was happening.

“This was something definitely different to see at a punk concert,” said Chris, who did not give his last name, in an interview with 10News.

“I think it was more an oddity, people just saw something strange for a few minutes,” Chris added.

The incident quickly stirred up controversy in California, with 10News questioning whether charges could be brought against the couple.

Here was what the investigation found.

“Team 10 called the sheriff’s department to find out if the unnamed man and woman could face charges. A spokesperson pointed us to PC 314, which states that any person who exposes his or herself in a public place can face a misdemeanor if others are “offended or annoyed.”

“At this point, the sheriff’s department said there were no official complaints made to the agency, but it could be a violation of the business and professions code.”

The news statement also received a statement from management at the Belly Up Tavern, claiming that security put a stop to the act as quickly as they could.

Another Reddit user, who also took a picture of the sex act during the Dead Kennedys show, disputed the claim that security broke up the couple.

“It made the news. No, they did not make the couple stop. This was going on well into the 3rd song (Police Truck) I think they stopped when people stopped paying attention to them.”

The uncensored pictures of the sex act at the Dead Kennedys show can be found on the Reddit thread.

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