Dog Buried Alive Sparks Outrage, Owner Arrested For Animal Cruelty

People on social media were outraged after they saw an image of a dog buried alive that was circulating on the internet.

The dog, a French mastiff, was covered in dirt and was discovered with her entire body buried in the ground.

Fortunately, Pedro Dinis discovered the buried dog and was quick to rescue her. Pedro was walking his own dog in Carrieres-sur-Seine, which is west of Paris, when he came upon the buried dog, as reported by Yahoo.

Dinis then posted a picture on his Facebook account with the caption, “Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her.” Dinis was quick to act and pulled out the buried dog from all the dirt, with his own dog joining in on the rescue effort.


Upon freeing the buried dog, Dinis soon discovered that whoever buried the dog had the intention of killing it, as the dog was tied to a rope that was attached to a sack filled with gravel, which will prevent her from escaping.

The buried dog appeared distressed and was suffering from dehydration. Dinis offered her his drink, and the buried dog was immediately brought to an animal hospital where she is currently recovering, reports the Daily Mail.

Pedro Dinis’ Facebook post regarding the buried dog has been liked by 108 people and shared 175,464 times as of writing.

Police were quick to act and found the buried dog’s owner, a 21-year-old man. According to the owner, he didn’t bury the dog and said that she had run away. However, it is obvious that that wasn’t the case, as a source said that the buried dog is already 10 years old and has arthritis, which makes it difficult for her to run off. Investigators will further question the owner.

The owner of the buried dog is already in police custody and is facing animal cruelty charges. He could be sent to prison for up to two years and will be forced to pay a fine amounting to approximately $31,000.

Online users signed a petition to give the owner the maximum sentence, and it has already 135,000 signatures.

The photo below shows the buried dog in a better condition after the rescue.


[Images via Pedro Dinis/Virginie Nollot/Facebook]

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