Christine Ouzounian Dumped By Ben Affleck, Caught Hiding At Bel Air Hotel

Ben Affleck’s former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, is not backing down from their alleged affair. According to tabloid reports, Ben was the one who dumped Christine after their cheating scandal went public.

According to celebrity gossip site, Radar Online received the exclusive photos of Ouzounian hiding out at the Bel Air hotel where she has spent many intimate moments with Affleck. The media site’s inside source was allegedly listening in on Ouzounian’s telephone conversation.

“Then she got a phone call from a friend, and the conversation seemed to turn directly to Affleck. Christine told her friend, ‘He’s still in Atlanta; I just got a text from him!'”

According to the insider, Ben and Christine are still seeing each other. The alleged mistress has been texting him constantly. The insider also added that although Ben loves Christine, he ended their affair because of the media attention.

“He broke up with me…He told me he loved me, but he can’t be with me under these circumstances.”

The insider also noted that Affleck made Ouzounian tag along during their family trip to the Bahamas. He also wanted her around the moment he ended his marriage to Garner.

The 28-year-old isn’t hiding away anytime soon. The insider added that Christine is loving the media attention and is hoping to milk her 15 minutes of fame.

“She absolutely seems to be loving the attention. She looked like her hair had been professionally blown out. Photographers had been hounding her all day, but Christine didn’t seemed to be bothered at all. She also seemed to be very eager and willing to talk to the hotel staff about her sudden burst of fame.”

While Ouzounian is enjoying the fame, she’s not enjoying being dumped by Affleck. According to another report via In Touch Weekly, she is threatening to sue the Batman Vs. Superman star. Another inside source told the tabloid that he’s been spoiling his alleged mistress and paying for everything at the Bel Air hotel.

“Christine is living the high life holed up in a swanky suite and Ben is paying for all of it — even for her girlfriends, who have been staying with her.”

According to the insider, she will consider suing Affleck’s ex-wife if he even thinks about ending their alleged affair.

“Christine is considering suing Jennifer Garner for wrongful termination. If Ben dumps her, she will sue.”

Jennifer Garner can’t seem to catch a break from their divorce. She won’t escape the wrath of Ouzounian, who reportedly wants to marry Affleck once his divorce is finalized. The college grad has been telling her friends that she believes what they have is something real.

“Christine has been calling and texting Ben nonstop. She’s in love with him and is telling friends that she would marry Ben the minute his divorce is finalized.”

And as previously reported via the Inquisitr, Ouzounian and Affleck were caught on camera on July 17, just weeks before he and Garner announced their split.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner hired Christine Ouzounian while they were in the middle of a 10-month trial separation.

[Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images]