Jae Crowder Instagram: Celtics Player Hacked By GF, Forced To Close Account

Celtics player Jae Crowder’s Instagram has been hacked. No, it wasn’t by a group of anonymous hackers. The NBA player was hacked by none other than his longtime love.

Jae Crowder found out that his longtime partner hacked into his personal Instagram account. No, she didn’t need to hack into his account to see if he was cheating, she already knew! Crowder’s girlfriend uploaded a photo of the athlete with his alleged mistress.

She also included the following caption: “This is a home wrecking h*e!” She’s a former drug dealer and she has abandoned her child trying to come up off athletes. Her 7 year old child is currently in New York City with her ex who pretends to be his father, who is also a drug dealer. She is desperate & lost! (Erica Phillips is a major h*e!)”

Fans were confused about Crowder’s photo at first. They thought he was the one who shared the photo of the woman. Some of Crowder’s fans thought he was just calling out the woman for both her drug dealing and home wrecking ways.

In the comments section, it was revealed that Crowder was the one who was sleeping with the woman. One of the comments read, “U f***ing somebody’s husband a guest room while they whole family there.”

Jae found out about the hacking and removed the photo. Also, to the disappointment of his fans, Jae also removed his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Crowder’s girlfriend claims that the mistress was also his former drug dealer. She reportedly slept with the basketball player in the guest bedroom while the rest of his family were sleeping in the other rooms.

Before Jae deleted both the photo and his Instagram account, he shared a family photo with the following caption: “FAMILY IS FOREVER.” The caption also included green hearts and shamrock emojis, according to a previous report via The New York Post.

Screenshot from Jae Crowder's Instagram account.
Screenshot from Jae Crowder’s Instagram account.

Crowder’s alleged mistress is also speaking out. Erica Phillips has been tweeting nonstop since it was revealed that she’s having an affair with the million-dollar NBA star.

She tweeted a cryptic message, which read, “People are so caught up into rumors (lies) that they miss the bigger picture.”

It also looks like Erica was blindsided about Jae’s double life. She re-tweeted the first tweet and then followed with the second tweet about moving on.

Looks like Crowder not only lost his longtime love, but he also lost his mistress as well!

Jae Crowder recently signed on with the Celtics in July 2015. The contract reveals the play is worth $35 million after he played three successful seasons for the Mavericks. It’s unclear whether Crowder’s Instagram hacking and personal life will affect his future with the Boston-based team.

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