Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Manny Pacquiao’s Promoter Bob Arum Won’t Let Fight Happen

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just grabbed his eith championship belt by beating Miguel Cotto, and now the undefeated boxer is looking for his next match. The often talked about possibility of fighting Manny Pacquiao is the likely choice, but according to Mayweather, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum won’t let the fight happen.

Mayweather said:

“I’m just really tired of the media and the people being fooled. The truth is, (Pacquiao’s promoter) Bob Arum is not going to let the fight happen. It’s not on me. I went to Pacquiao and offered him $40 million, and told him I would wire him $20 million within 48 hours. He turned me down and said he wanted a 50-50 split. I’m like, how can you ask for 50-50 and you’re not doing the same numbers that I’m doing…. So once he’s free from Bob Arum, will the fight happen? Absolutely. But as of now, he’s with Bob Arum so the fight isn’t going to happen.”

So who will be Mayweather’s next opponent? The boxer said that he’s going to go home, relax, and talk to his manager Al Haymon and some folks from HBO. Mayweather also hinted that the Cotto fight may have been his last.

Mayweather told USA Today:

“I don’t know right now. I really don’t know. I’ll go back home, sit down with (manager) Al (Haymon), sit down with HBO, sit down with my staff and see where we go from here. I don’t have to fight if I don’t want to. They say save the best for last, and I say, the last fight was a hell of a fight.”

Mayweather’s next fight probably won’t happen for a while. The boxer is set to report to prison next month to serve an 87-day sentence for domestic violence.

Mayweather said:

“Everybody knows my situation. June 1st is just an obstacle that’s in my way… When I go away, the only thing it can do is make me stronger as a person. And say to myself, ‘Next time you’re faced with that situation, approach it in a different way.’ When it’s all said and done, man can’t judge. Only God can judge.”

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