‘Destiny’ Players Get Boost To Play ‘The Taken King,’ Nolan North Narrates New Trailer

The release of Destiny: The Taken King is a little more than a month away, so it’s time for Activision and Bungie to start flexing their marketing muscles at Gamescom. A new trailer featuring the new voice of Ghost, Nolan North, was released Wednesday along with information that PlayStation and Xbox players will get a boost to help one of their Guardians along.

The “We Are Guardians” trailer for Destiny: The Taken King opens with familiar views, but an unfamiliar voice. That’s video game voice actor extraordinaire Nolan North performing the narration. As I covered for Inquisitr yesterday, he is replacing Peter Dinklage as the voice of Ghost, the Guardian’s companion and sometimes explainer of things.

The first minute and 20 seconds of the new Destiny trailer covers the events that players have experienced over the first year. It’s that second minute and 20 seconds that are the intriguing part as we get a look at Oryx, The Taken King, plus the new locations, enemies, action, and some potentially stunning cut-scenes.

Bungie is putting more effort into story-telling in Destiny with The Taken King expansion, which I also covered yesterday. Cut-scenes play a huge roll in that and what we see in this trailer appears to be a glimpse of the opening that features a space battle between the Awoken Queen’s forces and Oryx’s fleet. It already looks like more explanation of events than players received at any time from Vanilla Destiny.

Destiny: The Taken King (PlayStation, Xbox)

Interestingly, Activision is giving Destiny players new and old a boost to help get them into The Taken King content quickly.

“Every edition of The Taken King will include one character boost,” Activision revealed in a press release sent out today. “The character boost will allow a player to instantly level up any existing or newly created guardian to the minimum level required to play The Taken King.”

That’s actually great news for existing players that already have only one or two characters and want to try one of the new sub-classes. This allows them to avoid replaying all the old story content for a second or third time.

For brand new players, I would suggest running at least one character through all of the original story content and DLC content. It’s worth the trip and will get you familiar with the new structure that Bungie is giving Destiny along with all of the weapons and abilities. That second character though? Boost it.

What do you think of the new Destiny trailer and character boost? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]