Madyson Middleton: Maddy’s Mom Comforts Mother Of Teen Who Killed Her Daughter

Madyson Middleton’s mom, Laura Jordan, has formed an unexpected bond with someone surprising – the mother of her 8-year-old daughter’s killer.

Madyson Middleton, also called Maddy, was an 8-year-old girl who disappeared a few weeks ago, only to be found in a dumpster in her apartment complex. According to a report by the Inquisitr, Madyson’s 15-year-old neighbor, A.J. Gonzalez, was arrested for her murder.

Losing a daughter is difficult for any parent, and no one knows what Laura Jordan is going through. However, instead of getting angry about the murder of Madyson, Laura chose to be sympathetic to the mother of Madyson’s killer.

Reggie Factor, A.J. Gonzalez’s mother, was in tears at Maddy’s memorial when her son first appeared in court and was screaming that her son was a “bad boy.” As reported by NY Daily News, Laura approached Reggie and told her, “I love you. I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault.”

According to SF Gate, Madyson Middleton’s mother talked to them and said that she wasn’t the only one who lost her child that fateful day.

“I just love her, and we both lost our children that day. That’s the tragic truth. I don’t fault her.”

Laura and Reggie both live in the same apartment complex, the Tannery Arts Center, where Madyson was killed. Tannery houses a bunch of artists and the murder of little Madyson Middleton shocked the community.

Throughout this ordeal, neighbors and friends have supported Laura and have given her the strength to move on without Madyson. Last Friday, the entire community came together for a communal howl. According to Laura, Madyson loved wolves, so she asked neighbors to howl at the blue moon in remembrance of Maddy.


Madyson’s mother said that the communal howl was cathartic and everyone was able to “release this pain.”

Madyson’s mother also shares that she is thinking of starting a childhood sexual abuse and mental health charity to encourage the youth suffering from mental illness to seek treatment. Furthermore, she is doing it in Gonzalez’s name if her plans come to fruition.

“My daughter was sacrificed, but she didn’t die in vain. So much good is coming from her death.”

[Image via Santa Cruz Police]