Casey Anthony Planned Parenthood Hoax Fools Social Media

Casey Anthony has become a recluse since she was acquitted in the disappearance and death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, but she remains a household name among people who followed her high profile case.

Now she’s become part of a viral hoax, which was sparked by a well-known satire news site. The National Report shared this morning that the once-accused killer gave a brief phone interview for WPTV NBC 5 News. The satire story went immediately viral, even attracting the attention of Conservative Frontline, a blog that specializes in right wing news and political commentary.

The viral hoax claims that Anthony made controversial comments about Planned Parenthood. In particular, she referred to them as “baby killers,” saying that she’d like to join forces with conservative groups who are out to defund and dismantle the women’s health group.

The backlash on social media was immediate, with numerous people expressing anger at the idea of Anthony giving an interview after being considered guilty by the court of public opinion. However, the story of this morning’s interview is simply not true. The National Report states in their disclaimer that they are a satire site, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from falling for their false stories.

This isn’t the first time Casey Anthony has been the focus of a hoax since her high-profile acquittal. At least twice in the past handful of years stories have circulated claiming that she is pregnant with twins. There have also been hoax reports of her claiming that she would like to start a family and have children. Another hoax has claimed that she wants to actually adopt children.

Hoaxes surrounding Casey Anthony won’t likely cease anytime soon. That’s because she remains a famous figure in the true crime genre. She has joined the ranks of famous female killers such as Jodi Arias and Susan Smith, even though she was legally acquitted and is considered completely innocent by Florida state law.

Okay #CaseyAnthony SURE #DefundPP #DefundPlannedParenthood #tcot — Paula Black (@w0z75) August 4, 2015

Were you one of the people on social media who fell for this latest hoax regarding Casey Anthony? If you were, don’t feel bad. Numerous people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have shared the reports without realizing that they’ve fallen for a viral hoax story once again.

[Photo: FDLE mugshot / Casey Anthony]