Homophobic Man Attacks Gay Couple With Boxing Experience, Gets Beat Up

Now that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, it’s not surprising that some hate-filled homophobes are prowling through the streets looking for ways to let out their anger. But one violent, homophobic man picked a fight with the wrong gay couple in New York City this week.

According to the New York Daily News, newly married Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate were shopping at a SoHo bodega when an angry man started screaming anti-gay insults at them before he punched Daniel in the face. The gay couple was the first to be married at West Point Military Academy, which meant both of them had been trained in boxing. As soon as Daniel was punched in the face, his husband, Larry Lennox-Choate, jumped to his rescue and handily fought off the attacker.

“The guy who screamed anti-gay obscenities at us in a bodega before sucker-punching Danny?” Larry said. “He left covered in his own blood with his tail between his legs after I handled the situation and tossed him in the street like the coward loser he is.”

Police report that the unidentified man definitely attacked first, but was not prepared to be bested in the brawl. According to News Day, the 40-year-old attacker fled the scene on a bicycle. He has not yet been arrested, but authorities are investigating the hate crime.

“It’s hard to believe that in 2015 we would have to deal with anti-gay hate crimes in soho of all places but that’s what happened today,” Larry wrote on Facebook. “The hate crimes division of the NYPD is on the case and we have full faith a positive outcome will follow. We refuse to be victims and are thankful we can defend ourselves, but are saddened by the fact that idiots like this guy might not pick two guys who went through Plebe Boxing next time.”


The couple came out of the encounter mostly unharmed, claiming “aside from one fat lip and a sore punching arm.”

As Larry said, not every gay couple is physically prepared to take on violent attackers, which is why many states are working to create new hate crime legislation. According to the FBI, about 20 percent of hate crimes enacted in 2013 were committed due to the victim’s sexual orientation. However, crimes against homosexual individuals and gay couples have dropped significantly this year.

[Images courtesy of Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate / Facebook]