U.S. Border Guard’s Leader Jason Todd Ready Dead In Murder-Suicide

Jason “JT” Todd, the former neo-Nazi who lead a group dedicated to preventing illegal border crossings in Arizona’s desert near the Mexican border, is dead after having commit suicide in a Phoenix suburb on Wednesday.

The U.S. Border Guard, the group formerly lead by JT, vowed Friday to continue to patrol the US-Mexico border in an attempt to prevent drug smugglers and illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States. Groups that monitor the US Border Guard have indicated that they doubt armed-patrol operations conducted by the group will be sustained with the loss of their influential leader.

Prior to Jason Todd’s death, the FBI was already in the process of investigating Todd for domestic terrorism.

Authorities have indicated that the 39-year-old shot and killed four people, including his girlfriend and a toddler, prior to shooting himself in a tragic murder-suicide.

The violent incident came as a result of domestic violence issues.

Special agent in charge of the FBI’s Phoenix office, James Turgal, indicated that their investigation dated back to when Ready was still a member of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization, and continued into the time frame in which he became involved with the border group. The probe is based upon unspecified tips pertaining to criminal activity perpetrated by JT.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok was quoted having said:

“The U.S. Border Guard is probably finished. It really did revolve around JT Ready.”

Interim director of the Arizona chapter of the immigrant advocacy group the Southern Border Communities Coalition, Jennifer Allen, was quoted by Y! News having said:

“What brings hate groups together is anger and fear. So it makes sense that they would start to direct that toward one another. They also attract a lot of people that want to be mega personalities.”And it ends up being their own worst enemy — fighting over the limelight.”

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