If Your Kids Play In Bounce Houses And Spacewalks, One Mother Wants To Warn You About This [Video]

It’s no secret that children absolutely love bounce houses and spacewalks. There’s nothing like the thrill of literally bouncing off walls for hours. However, one mother has revealed the thrilling adventure isn’t all of what it seems, because there’s a potentially hazardous disadvantage that could be detrimental to your child’s health. According to FOX-25, a Massachusetts mother of two, Brenda Sanderson, is speaking out about the potential dangers of bounce houses and spacewalks and how your children can be affected if the items are not cleaned properly.

Sanderson stated that her two sons enjoyed time in a bounce house at a graduation party earlier this summer. Of course, the children had a wonderful time, but things took a disturbing turn two days later. She recalled seeing several sores on her 10-year-old’s body. Initially, she attempted to treat her son’s wounds with Neosporin, but quickly noticed that the medicated ointment served no purpose, as the wound gradually became an open sore. During a recent news interview, she recounted the series of events that led to the discovery of the questionable wounds.

“He said ‘well mommy I think it’s from sliding around bouncing around the bouncy house. I think I just got burned from the plastic,’ ” she said. “It was oozing and when it was oozing it spreads… he said they… hurt to touch,” she said.

Once the sore began oozing, she took her son to a doctor, who ultimately diagnosed the wound as a form of Staphylococcus, commonly referred to as a staph infection, reports Opposing Views. “It is like a wrestling mat,” the unidentified doctor reportedly told Sanderson. “Staph infections come from a gym or something that’s not being washed or cleansed properly will start to create a bacteria.”


For those who aren’t familiar with staph infections, the National Institutes of Health reports that the potentially fatal infection is “spread by skin-to-skin contact as well as touching infected surfaces,” which would explain how a child could become infected from coming in contact with toxic areas inside a bounce house. Doctor Ari Cohen, Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Mass General Hospital, also explained the dangers of playing inside bounce houses with even the smallest open wound.

“Anytime you break the skin you’re at risk of some sort of skin infection… staph being the most common and the most talked about. That in and of itself as long as long as you wash up any wound after you get it that should minimize the chance of getting significant infections.”

Although the Department of Public Safety in Massachusetts does require bounce house owners to meet the maintenance and safety requirements outlined in the manufacturer’s manual, surprisingly, the sole purpose of inspection is to ensure the unit functions properly. The owner is required to make sure the unit is clean, but functionality is normally the main focus.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]