Malicious Meatloaf: Teen Tobacco Heir Sued Over Sadistic Prank That Left Security Guard Hospitalized

A 17-year-old teen tobacco heir, Patterson Inman, is being sued by his security guard, Steven Ketter, over a sadistic prank that sent the man to the hospital. Inman, the joint heir to Doris Duke’s Lucky Strike fortune that will be split with his twin sister, is worth a cool $30 million. However, the teen prankster will likely turn over a portion of his fortune before it ever hits his bank account, thanks to a prank involving ghost chili and his security guard’s meatloaf.

The Daily Mail reports that tobacco heir Patterson Inman took “twisted pleasure” in watching Ketter struggle in severe pain after ingesting meatloaf the teen had spiked with ghost chili. The ghost chili oil is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, and left the security guard in agony as the teen allegedly stood by and laughed.

According to the New York Post, Ketter was hospitalized after the prank for a hernia after an extreme coughing fit brought on by the ghost pepper. The lawsuit claims that at the Inman’s Utah home in 2013, the security guard’s meatloaf glaze was spiked with ghost pepper oil by the tobacco heir. As a result, the security guard went into a “coughing fit,” which caused a hernia and his stomach lining to be “torn apart.”

The lawsuit alleges that Inman put the ghost chili in the meatloaf despite being aware of a health condition Ketter suffered from that could be exacerbated by the spicy oil.

“Despite such knowledge, Patterson decided to entertain himself and get his kicks by spiking the meatloaf glaze, and then take twisted pleasure in watching the pain and suffering it would inflict on Mr. Ketter.”

The lawsuit also alleges that this wasn’t the first time the teen pulled dangerous pranks on the family’s staff. In fact, it was noted that on numerous occasions, the teen would target the staff with pranks, including putting dish soap in the security guards’ water and placing razor blades in a stack of logs while on a trip to Oregon.


Ketter notes that he didn’t know of the teen’s penchant for pranks when he took the job. The security guard is also suing Patterson’s mother, Daisha, who Ketter claims was in on the prank.

Despite being the heir to the Doris Duke fortune, Rolling Stone called them the “poorest rich kids in the world,” as it was reported that they grew up in an extremely abusive home — their father suffered from heroine addiction and alcoholism. The publication notes that the Inman twins grew up under the care of two drug addicts with unlimited wealth, and suffered accordingly. It was noted that the twins were raised by a team of nannies and were “underfed and under-educated” as their father and stepmother binged on drugs and alcohol.

Is Patterson Inman’s rough childhood at fault for the ghost pepper meatloaf incident? Should Patterson’s mother, Daisha, be held responsible for the incident?

[Image Credit: Dr. Phil Screenshot]