LA Lakers Rumors: One Roster Spot Open And Lakers Looking At Number Of Big Free Agent Guards And Forwards

The LA Lakers have one roster spot open, as only 14 players are currently under contract, and there are a ton of rumors as to who could fill it. Some thought they would get frontcourt help, but now a number of guards’ names have joined the fray. Baron Davis, JR Smith, Kevin Seraphin, and Jose Calderon have had their names tied to the Lakers, but will the team sign any of them?

If the Lakers are going after a big man, it looks as if they will make the biggest fight for Kevin Seraphin, who has played the last five seasons with the Washington Wizards. Brendan Haywood is another option, but Seraphin would be the better choice.

Carlos Boozer is now out as an option after signing with the New York Knicks.

Even though the Lakers have a lot of talent in the backcourt with D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Lou Williams, Kobe Bryant, and others, a free agent guard isn’t out of the question.

One rumor that does need to be put to rest though is that of the Lakers possibly signing free agent JR Smith. He is expected to end up back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Tristan Thompson’s possible re-signing could change that.

Either way, Smith will not be going to Los Angeles. At least, not with the Lakers.

It’s interesting to think that the Lakers would want to bring in another guard, but there are some viable options to be found on the free agent market.

Baron Davis is aggressively trying to make a comeback from a serious injury he suffered three years ago. A number of teams, including the Lakers, are said to have interest in signing him, but they want to make sure he’s healthy enough for a full season.

There’s a host of free agents on the market, including Toney Douglas and Norris Cole. Even though the Lakers have a roster spot to fill, a trade also isn’t out of the question, as Jose Calderon or Brandon Jennings could be prime targets, per Sports World Report.

Even though it seems as if the Lakers are keeping Nick Young, finding a trade partner to take on his contract is always something they’re keeping an eye open for.

All of these rumors surround the LA Lakers right now, and it wouldn’t be strange for coach Byron Scott to even enter the season with an open roster spot. Still, the team is reportedly looking at a number of big names (not JR Smith) to fill it soon.

[Image via Getty Images / David Liam Kyle]