Jennifer Love Hewitt Baby Body Bared: ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Tried Fads & Weight Loss Drugs Before Healthy Diet [Video]

Jennifer Love Hewitt just had a baby, but the Ghost Whisperer actress’ body didn’t whisper a hint of any post-pregnancy weight issues. At 36, Jennifer Love looked stunning sauntering on a stroll with a pal in Los Angeles, reported E! News.

Hewitt had her second baby just five weeks ago. She and husband Brian Hallisay are thrilled at having two children.

“I know how hard it is for lots of women to even get pregnant in the first place,” said Jennifer Love. “Some people never get to have kids, and so I just feel really lucky that my husband and I have been able to do this once awesomely, and now twice, even better. It’s just really…It’s nice. So I do feel happy.”

Hewitt’s first baby is a daughter, named Autumn James Hallisay, who is 20 months old.

So is Jennifer Love dreaming of a third little one running around the house? Hewitt apparently is a baby whisperer who wants as many children as possible, she once revealed.

“I feel my best when I’m pregnant, which means I should probably have 18 children,” said the actress.

Also known for her acting chops in Client List and Criminal Minds, Jennifer Love explained what she loves about being pregnant. Hewitt admitted that pre-baby hormones can sometimes affect the mood, but that overall it’s a fabulous feeling.

“I think if you can if you can get past all of the stuff that happens, like the ups and downs that you feel and the craziness of it…if you can just sort of let that stuff go and really embrace what you’re doing, you feel kind of awesome. Like if somebody asked me right now if I thought I was pretty great I would be like, ‘Yeah! I’m pretty great. I’m doing a pretty cool thing here and I’m psyched about it.’ I think if you can just sort of get in that head space, it’s awesome.”

Jennifer Love seems to have all the body confidence needed to rock the red carpet. But Hewitt, prior to having her first baby, confessed that at one point, she felt fat, reported People.

At only 5? 2?, Hewitt once was described as fat in Web blogs, and she felt embarrassed. But after following a no-carb, high protein diet and taking to a treadmill, Jennifer Love regained her positive body image while shedding pounds.

To maintain her weight, Hewitt limits herself to 1,500 calories per day and works out regularly. But that diet shift came only after trying weight loss drugs and fad diets, confessed the actress.

“I tried the grapefruit diet pill. It made me feel crazy. And apple cider vinegar pills are supposed to be good if you have belly fat, but I didn’t really notice a difference. I’ve run on my treadmill in heels thinking that it would make better leg muscles. It doesn’t. It just hurts your back. And I’ve gotten on the treadmill with a scoop of ice cream.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jennifer Love revealed that she and Brian decided not to hire a nanny. Instead, Hewitt is tending to her baby on her own.

“We didn’t have a night nurse, we didn’t have a nanny,” said Jennifer. “We haven’t ever had any of that stuff. It’s been really interesting to do it all ourselves.”

As for shedding those post-baby pounds, it wasn’t easy.

“Having been somebody who has had to think about what my body looked like for 25 years, it was hard when it didn’t come off. I didn’t look like some of the girls in the magazines that I’ve worked with … who [the weight] does fall off for.”

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