Jennifer Love Hewitt Welcomes Son With Brian Hallisay: ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Star Shares Post-Baby Weight Loss Tips [Video]

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay welcomed their second child, whose impending arrival they announced just 13 months after Jennifer Love gave birth to her 18-month-old daughter.

Hewitt and Hallisay stayed with the same first letter for both their daughter and son, with Autumn James overjoyed to become a big sister to her new brother Atticus James Hallisay, reported People.

As to how she feels about baby bumps, Ghost Whisperer actress Jennifer loves being pregnant.

“I feel my best when I’m pregnant, which means I probably should have 18 children — it won’t happen — but I do feel good,” Hewitt joked.

The 36-year-old actress, whose husband is the same age, has become the celebrity representative for Palmer’s pregnancy products. And Jennifer emphasizes that she and Brian love doing it all themselves. Hewitt revealed that the couple hired no extra staff.

“We didn’t have a night nurse, we didn’t have a nanny,” said Jennifer. “We haven’t ever had any of that stuff. It’s been really interesting to do it all ourselves.”

Losing the baby weight when you’re a celebrity has resulted in increasing pressure for celebrity moms like Jennifer Love. Hewitt, as shown below, relied on various methods to restore her pre-baby body after her daughter was born.

Among her favorites, however, Jennifer loved walking with Autumn in a stroller, reported the Daily Mail.

Hewitt and her husband first encountered each other on the set of the now-cancelled show The Client List. After beginning the dating stage in 2012, Jennifer and Brian revealed their engagement in 2013. Hewitt became pregnant before their marriage.

Known for her role in Party Of Five, Jennifer also created a special attire collection for the pregnancy fashion company A Pea In The Pod.

Love Hewitt admitted that it was challenging losing the baby weight.

“Having been somebody who has had to think about what my body looked like for 25 years, it was hard when it didn’t come off. I didn’t look like some of the girls in the magazines that I’ve worked with … who [the weight] does fall off for.”

To stay motivated to lose her baby weight after Autumn, Jennifer focused on her daughter.

“Get it together – your head’s in the wrong place,” Hewitt told herself.

So Jennifer learned to create workout routines that she loved with time with her daughter.

“I hold her, we do squats, we dance, she listens to the music and she loves it. I put her in her little chair and she watches and thinks it’s really funny,” revealed Hewitt.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jennifer also follows a healthy diet.

“Instead of piling up food in my fridge that says ‘Come eat me!’ I keep enough for only a couple of days. And I rarely have treats around that might tempt me late at night, which is when I usually crave something really fattening. What am I going to do? Drive out at 11 at night just to satisfy a craving? No, that’s crazy,” Hewitt revealed of her secret to weight loss.

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