Justin Bieber Wants To Collaborate With John Mayer, Hates Spiders: Looks Incredible In ‘Cosmo’ Shoot

Justin Bieber’s thoroughly welcome quest to star in as many photoshoots as possible in 2015 continues apace. On Sunday night, the 21-year-old singer teased a set of beautiful, shirtless shots to add to his growing collection.

Shortly after coming off stage at the Hard Summer Music Festival in California, the Biebs shared a five-photo spread — four of which show him oiled up, topless, and showcasing abs for days.

And why not?

It turns out Bieber’s brooding photoshoot was for Cosmopolitan magazine. The September issue will hit newsstands on August 11, with Demi Lovato on the cover.

As for what Bieber dishes in the interview, the initial reveal showed a quote on one of the heartthrob’s photos, which read, “The sexiest thing about a woman is her attitude.”

Team Bieber then teased three pictures from the spread on Fahlo on Monday. These were three larger sizes of the same snaps, minus two. The shoot’s title, “The Fighter,” is shown, along with questions and answers. The session took place in a gym.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber in one of the revealing shots from his Cosmopolitan photo shoot)

So, amid the faraway looks Bieber throws — and the glistening — what do we learn?

1: Among the probes, Bieber was asked who he wanted to collaborate with. The Grammy-Award winning singer-guitarist, John Mayer, was his reply.

2: Next, his pet peeve? Slow Internet, said the singer.

3: The top three songs on Justin’s iPod? Lil Wayne’s “Too Hollygrove to go Hollywood,” Drake’s “Legend,” and Jonathan David & Melissa Helser’s “No Longer Slaves.”

We checked out the last song. It’s amazing.

4. Favorite summer song? Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

5: Which show was the Biebs embarrassed to say he watched? Scandal.

6: Bieber’s first drink ordered legally? Beer.

7: What is the Prince of Pop secretly terrified of? Spiders.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber as seen in his photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine)

8: After revealing his owl tattoo is his favorite, the music icon joked that his next inking will be a “Tramp Stamp, LOL.”

9: Moving on to the opposite sex. Justin said the style he hates most on girls is gladiator sandals.

10: And the style he loves? Booty shorts.

11: Asked to dish on the one thing he has learned about women, Bieber said, “They are complicated.”

12: And the sexist things about a woman? “Her attitude.”

13: Something Beliebers didn’t know about their idol? He can hold his breath under water for two minutes.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The singer oiled up and bare chested in a new spread for Cosmo)

Justin Bieber fans may have only just started breathing unaided after the Canadian’s most recent photo shoot for Interview magazine, for which he covered their July/August issue.

The shoot was widely described as racy — and it was. Shot by the acclaimed Steven Klein, the “Where Are Ü Now” singer was seen licking a knife, posing up in black and red leather, sticking his tongue out, and even donned clown make-up and a red wig. The Internet loved it, and it did offer the shirtlessness we’ve become accustomed to with the Biebs.

Justin Bieber

Meanwhile, in other Bieber news, the latest celebrity to fall under the thrall of the superstar is Star Trek legend William Shatner. On Sunday, the veteran actor asked the younger star to follow him on Twitter. And, amid a series of pleasant tweets from Shatner, the Biebs did.

It was later revealed that Shatner asked Bieber to follow him for GISHWHES.

Justin is currently counting down to the August 28 release of his comeback single, “What Do You Mean?”

Since announcing the due date of the “up-tempo,” “summery” song,” each day the Biebs has featured a celebrity promoting his single at his Twitter and Instagram. Today’s famous person, Kylie Jenner, marks #Day26.

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[Images via Cosmopolitan]