'General Hospital' Drama: An Awakening, A Shocking Murder And Big Secrets Revealed [Spoilers]

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of August 3 will be a wild week in Port Charles. There is a big awakening that will shake things up as well as some scrambling from one person who may go to desperate lengths to maintain her cover. What can fans expect?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Morgan will tell Sonny about his fling with Denise. It seems that this will lead Carly to confront Denise, and Carly will suspect that Denise has been behind some of the mob drama as well.

Morgan will be encouraged to tell Kiki the truth about his affair with Denise, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny will pull the five families together to figure out who is behind the recent attacks. As for Morgan, it seems he may hold back on telling Kiki the truth for now.

She Knows Soaps details that Franco will catch Nina in a difficult spot on Monday's episode while Laura decides how she's going to handle the fact that she knows Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. Kiki learns something that could turn her world upside down while Nathan continues to worry about who is angling to harm Nina.

Just what is this big shocker for Kiki? General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate that this may be related to the big murder mystery that's being teased to play out this summer.

The exit of the actor involved has been confirmed, but how will it all come together? It is teased that Nina may be found holding the apparent murder weapon, which may be that difficult spot Franco catches her in, but that doesn't mean things are quite so black-and-white regarding who killed the victim and why.

Additional General Hospital spoilers note that Madeline will be worried that Franco is going to throw a wrench in her plans regarding Nina. Franco will elicit help from Obrecht as Nina reaches out to Ric for some help. Despite all of this, the "Official Morgan Corinthos" Facebook page teases that Madeline and Ric will stick together in their quest to get Nina's money.

Dante and Lulu will head out for a double date with Dillon and Valerie; an outing that is sure to have plenty of awkward moments. There is said to be a bombshell coming from Denise while Morgan continues to catch heat from Sonny and Carly.

General Hospital spoilers have detailed that Hayden Barnes will be waking up this week as Rebecca Budig is back in the role, and there's said to be plenty of juicy storyline ahead for her. It seems that she will finally get the chance to tell Jake that he's really Jason.

However, GH spoilers share that Jake will keep this big revelation to himself for now. It seems that Hayden may also let him know that Liz has known Jake's identity for a while. Sam seemingly will continue to get closer to Patrick while wondering about Nikolas and Liz and what they're hiding.

Nikolas and Elizabeth may find themselves facing some intense heat in the episodes to come as their scheme to keep Jason's identity a secret unravels. The fact that Jake is really Jason may stay under wraps from the rest of Port Charles for a while, but there is definitely big progress coming on this front.

The murder mystery will shake up many in Port Charles as plans blow up, and residents scramble. Just what will come next? Viewers can't wait to find out, and it all plays out weekdays on General Hospital.

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