Unlikely Animal Friends As Marmoset Monkey Teams Up With Green Iguana [Video]

Animals have a lot to teach humans, as they often team up to become the most unlikely animal friends. In the current story, a female white-fronted marmoset monkey has teamed up with a laid-back green iguana.

The affectionate marmoset monkey shares space with her pal the green iguana at the Krefeld Zoo in Germany, and visitor Conny Schmidt from Dusseldorf took an amazing set of images of the unlikely animal friends.

The unlikely animal friends are approximately the same size, and the marmoset treats him like any other primate, except of course he isn’t one! She strokes him, gives him loving kisses and even indulges the iguana with a massage or two, just like she would with any other monkey.

Krefeld Zoo

According to Boston News Time, the situation occurred soon after the unlikely animal friends were placed in the same enclosure. With both quite happy, seated up in the tall trees, the marmoset and iguana appear to be enjoying sharing each other’s company.

Schmidt, 58, heard about the unlikely animal friends prior to her visit to the zoo, as they are well known in the area. She made up her mind to go to the Krefeld Zoo and get some images.

The Mirror Online quoted Schmidt as saying: “They were both allowed to roam free in the cage, which was the tropical house part of the zoo.”

“They seemed to really trust each other. The marmoset was very intrigued, touching the iguana.”

“I had heard about them and their relationship as it is well known in the area, so these weren’t just lucky pictures.”

While this might not happen in the wild, it seems these unlikely animal friends really do care about each other. While the iguana, with his sharp claws and scaly skin, doesn’t seem to actively reciprocate the marmoset’s affections, it is clear from the photos that the situation certainly doesn’t bother it a bit.

Krefeld Zoo
A marmoset monkey gives a green iguana an affectionate kiss

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[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube video]