PS4 Gets QWERTY With New Type Pad From NYKO

PlayStation 4 players looking for a full keyboard to add to their console gaming experience can look to the new NYKO Type Pad for PlayStation 4 as an option. The newly released Type Pad includes a full QWERTY keyboard that snaps into the bottom of an official, standard DUALSHOCK 4 controller. It can be purchased at a MSRP of $29.99 USD at NYKO’s official store or via other retailers like Amazon or GameStop.

As can be viewed in the official product video above, among the NYKO Type Pad’s helpful features beyond a full keyboard are several shortcut buttons for “.com” and “@” to make entering email addresses a touch easier. There is also a a mini-analog nub that facilitates menu navigation. NYKO’s press materials go on to tout, “Ending a game with “GG” has never been easier!”

Whether the NYKO Type Pad constitutes a gaming “need” or a gaming “want” boils down to the way each gamer uses his or her PlayStation 4. Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies, offers his take on the growing market for this type of peripheral.

“With the rise of game streaming and eSports, gaming has never been more collaborative and communicative. For that, we wanted to create a tool that would let on-screen navigation and multiplayer communication on consoles become as effortless as it is on a PC, all with consideration for the DUALSHOCK 4’s ergonomics.”

The NYKO Type Pad is a viable alternative for players who are not pleased with or do not prefer to use the PlayStation 4 “gyro-keyboard,” or those who want to be able to quickly type or switch to chat while in-game without using an external device or mobile app. It is also an alternative for those gamers who are otherwise comfortable with their controller and are not looking for a PC gaming experience on their PlayStation 4 console.

Although the NYKO Type Pad attaches to the controller directly, it is a wireless keyboard that connects to the PlayStation 4 using Bluetooth technology. As a result, the device works only with games and apps that are compatible with Bluetooth keyboards. Players concerned about the Type Pad draining their controller batteries can rest assured knowing the Type Pad can be turned off and on at will while attached to the controller. The Type Pad’s internal battery can also charge when attached to the DUALSHOCK 4, while the controller is charging via micro USB. However, a micro USB charging cable does not come included with the Type Pad.

Would you use something like the NYKO Type Pad on your PlayStation 4? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images courtesy NYKO]