Dad Tries To Run Over Teens In Viral Video: Roy Williams Arrested After Violent Confrontation

An angry dad tried to run over teens in a viral video that is making its rounds on the internet this week. In the video, the 56-year-old man is seen recklessly driving his SUV in the grass as the teens scream and scatter. The incident happened in the county of Rockford, Illinois, and it started after the man learned that his 13-year-old daughter had been in a fight, Fox News reports. The attack was captured on video by 15-year-old Nathan Velez, and the dramatic footage has rapidly spread through social networks.

Regarding the incident, Velez gave a statement to reporters.

"I just knew we had to get out of the way before he hit one of us. When I first saw him pull out the bat I knew it was going to go somewhere, I knew he was trying to injure somebody."
The police reported that Roy Williams, the person behind the wheel of the vehicle, decided to take justice into his own hands after discovering his daughter was injured in a brawl between students at Nelson Elementary School.

According to a report from WIBW, when the girl told her dad what happened, police say he threatened two girls with his cane then got in his SUV.

"It was very helpful to identify who the suspect was, but it doesn't necessarily tell the whole story, so we have to take a look at it and then talk to the people who were there," Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann said.

According to an incident report from police, Williams' 13-year-old daughter and two other teen girls had been involved in a fight earlier that day. Apparently, Williams was angry when he found out his daughter had been beaten, so he threatened to hurt the teens responsible for the fight. Reportedly, the teens ran from him as he chased after them in his SUV.

CBS affiliate WIFR wrote the following passage regarding the incident.

"Williams drove off the roadway and accelerated toward a group of a dozen teens who were on the sidewalk at the school. The children were able to run from the car and no one was injured, however Williams then also called police to report the initial fight."
When police arrived on the scene, they arrested Williams and an investigation into the initial fight did not result in any charges. As a previous report from the Inquisitr revealed, Williams is currently in jail and the mad dad now faces 12 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle, aggravated assault of public property, reckless driving, and reckless conduct. His bond was set at $200,000.

[Image via YouTube screenshot]