‘Inside Out’ Passes $600 Million At Box Office, Will There Be An ‘Inside Out 2’?

Inside Out passed a new milestone over the weekend as it inched over the $600 million mark at the box office.

Pixar’s latest effort, which has been met with stellar reviews since it hit cinemas earlier this summer, has now grossed $602.29 million. This breaks down to $329.59 million at the domestic box office and $272.7 million internationally.

Inside Out is Pixar’s seventh film to cross the $600 million mark, while it is still yet to be released in Italy, Germany, and China, which will inevitably help to generate even more money for the film.

Because of this success, there has already been chatter about a possible sequel to the much-loved animated effort. Pixar has previously made it known that they plan to release a sequel every two years, as well as an original movie every year too. Currently, Pixar is hard at work on sequels to The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo, in the shape of The Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4, and Finding Dory, respectively.

But back in June, while out promoting the release of Inside Out in the U.S., writer and director Pete Docter admitted to EW, via Screen Rant, that there currently weren’t any plans to return to Riley’s mind for a new Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger tale. When asked about a follow-up Docter admitted, “There’s no sequel idea from me at this point,” before he then teased, “Never say never.”

However, Amy Poehler, who stars as Joy in Inside Out, believes that a sequel would be a pretty good idea – as long as they don’t try and focus on any new emotions. When the idea that Pixar might try and explore new emotions in a follow-up was presented to Poehler during her interview with the Daily Express, she joked, “Or we just stay with Joy. That should work out pretty well.”

[Image via Saturn]