Donald Trump Axes Campaign Adviser For Racial Remarks On Social Media [Video]

After allegations of racist remarks made on social media, Donald Trump axed his campaign adviser, Sam Nunberg, on Sunday. According to the International Business Times, Trump’s adviser has a history of making racial remarks on social media going back as far as 2009. The adviser not only wrote Facebook posts containing racist remarks, but belittled Donald’s fellow presidential candidates on Twitter by calling them “puppets.”

One Facebook post from 2009 referred to the inauguration ceremony for President Obama and read, “Wants everyone to know that there are still tickets available for the Hip Hop Inaugral [sic] Ball – G-D help us!” reports Jezebel.

CNN reports, however, that the adviser denies making any racial remarks on social media.

“Anything that was posted under my name does not mean I posted it. I am not adept at social media. I have a long record of working with diverse people. And anything you are reporting on does not reflect anything on Mr. Trump or Mr. Trump’s campaign. I would also point out that all of these things were done before Mr. Trump’s campaign, if I even did them — which I deny. In any event, this is the problem with politics…Politics as usual is wrong.”

However, on Friday, Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump, issued a statement about the adviser, asserting the remarks were “offensive and they do not reflect Mr. Trump’s position and we take them very seriously. If it determined that Mr. Nunberg made these statements then he will no longer be part of the campaign.”

According to the Business Insider, campaign-finance reports for Donald Trump show Sam Nunberg was a paid political adviser on his campaign from April through the end of July. The reports reveal that the adviser to Donald received $15,139 from the Trump campaign. After being fired in 2014 for suggesting Donald participate in a Buzzfeed campaign, the adviser was rehired when Trump announced his presidential campaign.

In a statement to media, Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump, said “Effective immediately, low level part-time consultant Sam Nunberg is no longer associated with the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.”

Despite the racist remarks made by his adviser, Donald Trump is still winning the Republican ticket ahead of Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and all the other GOP presidential candidates. According to the International Business Times, “19 percent of Republican primary voters backed Trump, compared to 15 percent favoring Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 14 percent backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and 10 percent supporting Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon.”

[Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images]