WWE Rumors: New Heel Tag Team Formed As Two Superstars Get New Gimmicks

A number of WWE superstars are going through some character and gimmick changes, and two of them are even being paired together. A new heel tag team appears to have joined the ranks and the name of the team is Beef Mode, which has partnered up none other than Adam Rose and Brad Maddox.

WrestleZone reported that Rose and Maddox teamed up for the first time together at a WWE Live event in Hidalgo, Texas, on Saturday night. They faced off against Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel in a losing effort, but that wasn’t the most noticeable thing.

The pairing of Rose and Maddox was far from normal as the team was referred to as “Beef Mode,” and they had different gimmicks as well. Not only did they appear that way in reports, but WWE reported it too.

The duo came out to the ring wearing towels and acted as if they were better than everyone else. Both cut a promo about how the fans are out of shape and bashed them for looking the way they do.

During the match, both Maddox and Rose could be seen jogging around the ring and even doing push-ups at times. If you want to get the full idea, think Val Venis meets Simon Dean meets “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

The match was said to be mostly comedy, but Beef Mode certainly did play the part of the heels.

Adam Rose has been teasing a character change for weeks on Twitter, and many thought he was going to revert back to his NXT character of Leo Kruger. The same rumors had Kruger then going on to become the third member of the Wyatt Family.

It appears those rumors can be laid to rest for the time being as Adam Rose is now a part of Beef Mode.

Brad Maddox has spent his time in WWE in various roles such as a referee, the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and in the ring very little. After May of last year, he wasn’t on WWE television at all and performed mostly at house shows.

brad maddox beef mode

In April of this year, he was in a backstage Raw segment and helped break up the recent brawl between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. Now, he is part of the new team with Rose, but it remains to be seen if they will be taken seriously or just used as a comedy tag team.

The tag team division in WWE has certainly grown and garnered a lot more focus in the last year, and now one more team has joined the ranks. Beef Mode starring Adam Rose and Brad Maddox is about to run wild through WWE.

[Image via WWE]