Ellaina Pechacek: Boyfriend Refused To Tell Cops Where He Dumped Her Body — Now She’s Been Found

Ellaina Pechacek was just 19-years-old, but according to police, sometime in late May or early June, the 21-year-old man she was dating murdered her — and then refused to tell police where he dumped her body, even as her family vainly held out hope that Travis Beadle wasn’t telling the truth about killing the young woman.

But those hopes were finally put to rest earlier this week, when police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, discovered the decomposing remains of a woman along Interstate 40 on July 28. Even then, her mom and stepdad did not want to believe that the body belonged to their daughter. But on Saturday, investigators confirmed the worst.

The body was positively identified as Ellaina.

The last her family heard from her was sometime shortly after Mother’s Day in May. But the family took it upon themselves to investigate. Her stepfather checked her cell phone records in June and found that she had used none of the data on her plan. They also found that Beadle had used Ellaina’s bank account after her disappearance.

But the young man claimed the Ellaina had simply walked out on him in a rage after they had a fight, leaving all of her belongings behind. And then Ellaina’s aunt got into her niece’s apartment, on July 10. She did not find Ellaina, but she did find blood covering the bed and splattered on the walls. Police investigated and found that the apartment had been the scene of a “traumatic, violent act.”

By the time her aunt entered the apartment that Ellaina had shared with Beadle, the power had been shut off for two weeks.

When they brought Beadle in for questioning, the say, he quickly confessed to killing Ellaina — but he taunted the investigators, telling them they would never find the young woman’s body.

Just a few weeks after Ellaina disappeared, Beadle began dating a young woman in Norman, Oklahoma. The woman’s mother, Myllia Shea, said that Beadle tried to sell her a phone and a tablet computer — possessions that she now is sure belonged to Ellaina Pechacek.

The mom decsribed her daughter as “freaked out” when she learned that Beadle was arrested for murder less than a week after she dumped him, creeped out by his “clingy” and “possessive” personality, which led him to call her on the phone “every five minutes.”

But it may have been his breakup with Ellaina that motivated Beadle to kill her. According to the victim’s family, Beadle had gone through five jobs in about a year, and had just recently quit another one. Ellaina was forced to work almost every day just to pay the couple’s bills.

The last time the mom, Rebecca Warner, saw her daughter, the young woman complained about her live-in-boyfriend’s inability, or unwillingness, to hold down a job.

“She says I can’t do this all by myself and she was going to kick him out of the house,” Warner, of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, told TV station KFOR.

With the tragic discovery of her body, the family of Ellaina Pechacek now hopes they can finally learn why their daughter died, and lay her to rest to at last, as she now joins a heartbreaking list of young women killed by boyfriends.

[Images: KFOR-TV]