‘Ticatnic’: Watch Cats Reenact The Roles Of Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet In ‘Titanic’ [Video]

Some people loved the film Titanic, calling it a truly great cinematic love story, others found it sappy and unlikely. But one cat owner has now remade the epic movie, dubbing his creation Ticatnic.

It stars two heroic cats in the parts originally played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and it’s pretty darn cute. Uploaded by YouTube user No Idea, this classic remake is a lot of fun.

As we all know, cat videos are the essence of the internet, and this one is quite possibly one of the finest examples.

New Titanic star Leonardo DiCatrio plays the role of Jack Pawson, a cute young calico cat (which one commenter below the video did mention must be female, but who cares).

Kate Winslet’s Titanic role of Rose Dewitt Bukitty is fulfilled by a charming young ginger kitty named Kate Whiskers.

In the video above, we see all the major romantic moments in the film Titanic, as their love affair begins on the legendary White Star Liner. You can tell right from the start that this is no puppy love between the two felines.

We even get to see Jack painting Rose, all the way through to the final fatal tragic collision of the Titanic (or should we rather say Ticatnic) with that notorious iceberg, all accompanied by the best comedic expressions a cat can offer as well as that classic theme. They are born actors after all.

The Mirror reports that it was one Andrey Kouprianov who uploaded the video, which is rapidly going viral as it heads for 300,000 views. He did mention among the comments that Jack’s role was played by a female cat.

Judging from the various comments, the epic Ticatnic has been well received, possibly even better than the original Titanic, although one commenter did say he would have liked to see more cats.

“I was really hoping for a pool of cats with a rescue boat trying not to hit them with the paddle.”

It seems others have also recreated scenes from Titanic, as reported recently, when Bear Grylls played the part of Jack opposite Kate Winslet.

For those with nerves of steel, No Idea also came up with a cat version of the horror movie Psycho, starring Anthony Purrkins and Chanet Leigh, which can be watched below.

Please note: The actual scenes from Psycho are not for the sensitive.

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[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]