Ellie Goulding Wept During Bradley Cooper’s Performance

Singer Ellie Goulding, 28, recently went to see Bradley Cooper star in The Elephant Man at the West End Theatre in London. Cooper, 41, took the lead role of a severely deformed man by the name of Joseph Merrick, and the performance left Goulding moved.

Goulding took to Twitter and tweeted that she got the chance to meet the cast, who she described as incredible. Goulding continued to say that the performances were moving and that she cried a lot. On top of that, Goulding praised Cooper some more, saying that she had a new found respect for the actor.

Dougie Poynter, Ellie Goulding’s boyfriend, was the one who planned the trip to the West End Theatre. According to Times Of India, Poynter planned the surprise trip for Goulding.

According to Business Standard, Goulding posted a photo of herself smiling, and she wrote that the trip was her surprise.

My surprise was being brought to see The Elephant man!

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According to Daily Mail, Ellie was wearing an impressive blue lace top, as well as a pair of sleek black leggings made with rubber material. Her boyfriend was wearing black skinny jeans, as well as a maroon shirt made from silk material.

Goulding and her boyfriend were not the only stars in the audience. Asides from Goulding and Poynter, actor Brad Pitt was in attendance to watch Cooper star in The Elephant Man.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, after the performance ended, Pitt and Cooper headed down to Kitty Fisher’s, where the two had dinner together. Although, it wasn’t reported that Goulding or Poynter were at the restaurant.

Given what Goulding tweeted, Cooper gave a powerful performance. Speaking of powerful, Goulding also delivered an amazing performance in a recent track from Major Lazer’s new album, titled Peace Is The Mission. The track is titled “Powerful,” and Goulding teamed up with Tarrus Riley.

James Slater directed the music video for the track, which shows Goulding and Riley sitting inside a diner, and Goulding starts singing about powerful energy. The video continues, with Goulding strolling through the restaurant and milkshakes start flying, while silverware starts bending. It isn’t Goulding that is doing things of this nature, as Riley starts making his quarters bounce. Riley and Goulding ends up wrecking the diner, and Goulding gets inside the getaway car and drives off.

The video “Powerful” was released last week, and so far it seems to be a hit. Major Lazer, Goulding, and Riley’s video has received more than 3 million views since being uploaded to YouTube.

[Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]