Pick Up Select ‘GTA V’ Online Heist Vehicles For Half Off This Weekend

For the past two weeks, Rockstar Games has offered Grand Theft Auto V players a wide selection of online sales that has included savings on in-game items such as ammunition, customization features, and more. Saving the biggest sale of the event for this weekend, Rockstar Games revealed that users can now purchase every new co-op heist vehicle associated with GTA Online‘s “Series a Funding” mission for 50 percent off today and tomorrow only.

This weekend’s special sale will give gamers access to huge savings on both the Karin Technical and Maibatsu Mule trucks within GTA V. While the Mule carries the smaller price tag of only $35k, the Karin Technical is normally priced just under $1 million. This means that anyone interested in picking up the Karin Technical can expect to receive unprecedented saving during the weekend offer.

Players must successfully complete GTA V‘s “Series a Funding” co-op heist mission before being allowed to actually purchase either of these vehicles. The cheaper Maibastu Mule is simply a delivery truck. After purchasing the Mule, gamers must call the Pegasus Lifestyle Management company to have their vehicle brought to a nearby location. Those willing to pay out the extra cash for the Technical will receive a special two-door tactical version of the Karin Rebel in GTA Online that features a machine gun mounted to the truck’s bed.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V - Karin Technical

The week-long GTA V sales ends with these specific heist vehicles since a current in-game event has also been offering bonus rewards for finishing the “Series a Funding’ mission. Rather than confirming what items will be offered for sale ahead of time, Rockstar Games revealed that they would announce each day’s offer through their official social media channels to keep fans surprised all week long.

“And lookout for bonus temporary mark downs on GTA Online gear and vehicles throughout the week, which will be announced via our official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.”

Throughout the event, the developer has presented players on a variety of different GTA Online sales which have featured deals on clothing and more. Earlier this week, gamers were even able to pick up any motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto V for half off.

Both the double reward event and its accompanying sales will be available in GTA V throughout the remainder of the week. Rockstar Games has now hosted three in-game events, one right after the other. The first of the heist events only lasted a single weekend, but the two most recent celebrations have lasted for a full week.

Do you plan on picking up any of GTA V‘s heist vehicles this weekend?

[Images via Rockstar Games]