Whoopi Goldberg Tells Cara Delevingne To 'Suck It Up': 'She's Not A Famous Actress, I'm Famous'

Whoopi Goldberg is weighing in on what is now probably the most awkward interview Cara Delevingne has encountered. As the Inquisitr previously reported, 22-year-old Cara Delevingne was interviewed on a morning show to promote her latest movie, Paper Towns.

The interview was awkward from the beginning, when one of the interviewers introduced her as "Carla." From there, all went downhill. You can see the interview below.

The internet had different reactions to the awkward interview, and the ladies of The View had their own opinions about it, particularly Whoopie Goldberg. While some of the girls suggested that Cara should have just cancelled her interview if she was having a bad day, Raven-Symone jumped to her defense, saying everyone has a bad day. Whoopie then said to just "Suck. It. Up."

Whoopie continued, saying that Cara Delevingne is not a famous actress.

"You know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. She's not a famous actress. She's a newbie. I'm famous."

That statement from Whoopie was met with applause from the audience members and her co-hosts.

"It isn't easy, but we are privileged for what we do. We are so lucky. If you are supposed to be doing this, you gotta find a way to suck it up. You don't get to be crappy to people – they're doing their job too.

"I have chest ache, I have gas that I can't control, but I go and do those interviews!"

It seems that the women have different opinions on the situation. As the Independent reported, Raven-Symone said that Cara's behavior might just be a generation difference, but Goldberg won't have any of it, saying, "There's professional and then there's unprofessional."

Cara's interview is gathering different reactions from viewers. And as Heavy reports, one of the anchors even said that he should have asked better questions. Others said that the anchors would have gotten better answers if they introduced her right.

Cara Delevingne already addressed the interview with a short tweet, saying that other people just don't understand her humor, or rather the "British sense of humour."

Whoopi Goldberg then addressed Cara by looking straight at the camera.

"That wasn't the way to handle that, Cara. It just wasn't. If you're in this business, you're gonna find yourself being in a lot of places that are like 'why am I here?' But you know what? You can't be crappy to the people who are trying to work."

What do you think about Cara's interview and Whoopi's reaction? Are you Team Cara or Team Whoopi? Sound off in the comments below.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Variety/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]