A Real ‘Scream Queens’ Whodunit Follows The Leak Of A Death Scene

Warning: This article contains major Scream Queens spoilers.

There has been a Scream Queens leak, which is big news itself. Knowing just how seriously Ryan Murphy takes confidentiality on his sets, it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely that Scream Queens may see a crew and even a cast shake up following the news that these scenes have been leaked to the public. After all, Ryan keeps a tight rein on what even some of Scream Queens most notable actresses are permitted to say to the press.

To put the leaked scenes in context, it has already been stated by Ryan Murphy himself that the central plot of Scream Queens will revolve around a killer dressed as Wallace University’s team mascot, the Red Devil. In each episode of Scream Queens, the Red Devil will take the life of one character, leaving only four alive by the end of Scream Queens‘ first season.

This is where those major Scream Queens spoilers come in.

The leaked videos reveal that Chanel #2, played by Ariana Grande, will be among those to die in Scream Queens first season. Ariana Grande seemed comfortable in her character’s “messed-up horror, Gothic, crazy, weird stuff ways,” yet it seems being “the safest, least daring one of the group” hasn’t done much to spare Chanel #2 from her gruesome fate.

Ariana’s death scene was leaked in two videos, which were both posted on YouTube. Unfortunately, Fox has already had the leaked Scream Queens scenes removed from YouTube, citing copyright infringement.

“In the first clip, the 22-year-old pop star is stabbed by the red-masked devil in her left shoulder, causing her to fall on the floor. But she manages to fight back by kicking the knife-wielding killer in the chest,” cites Design & Trend.

“In the second video, the ‘Problem’ hitmaker is seen crawling on the floor towards her laptop. But as she tries to ask for help through social media, the Red Devil finally finishes the job by stabbing her in the head.”

There wasn’t much known as Ariana Grande’s Scream Queens character to begin with, implying that the character wouldn’t live long. Another clue that Chanel #2 was doomed for an early death was her lack of a proper name. Let’s face it, having a numbered name on Scream Queens is the equivalent of wearing a red shirt on Star Trek.

The two-hour premiere of Scream Queens will air on Tuesday, September 22, on Fox.

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