‘Scream Queens’ Presents An Exclusive Look At The Sorority’s Top Sisters [Videos]

By now, anyone following the details on the upcoming Scream Queens series knows that the show’s focus centers on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, but other than brief glimpses and some Scream Queens video teasers, little else is really known about the sorority. Ryan Murphy and company hope to change that with a new look at each of the Heathers…or Chanels in this case. The videos below present a unique look at Scream Queens “it” clique from the perspective of the actresses who portray them.

Put bluntly, the Chanels run the sorority and Emma Roberts, as the icy and self-obsorbed Chanel Oberlin, runs the Chanels. As the one person to know Chanel No. 1 best of all, Ms. Roberts describes her Scream Queens alter ego as “definitely not a nice person” and, much like Roberts’ American Horror Story: Coven character Madison Montgomery, Chanel is not a “warm and fuzzy” type.


Chanel No. 2 of the Scream Queens sorority is hard to get a handle on and not just because Scream Queens followers haven’t heard much about Ariana Grande’s character. While Ryan Murphy says Chanel No. 2 is into “messed-up horror, Gothic, crazy, weird stuff,” Ariana describes her Scream Queens character as “the safest, least daring one of the group.”


Billie Lourd is new to acting and debuts her talents in Scream Queens as Chanel No. 3, who may be a little lower in the Chanel ranks, but Lourd hints that her Chanel may have ambitions. Asked to describe the show, Lourd seems to reveal a bit of her own interests in her answer. “Scream Queens is Mean Girls meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” said Billie Lourd, “but it’s Heathers.”

Billie describes her own character as a “sassy, but low-key individual.”


Chanel No. 4 is a mystery. The role seems to have not even been cast of this date, suggesting that perhaps she will be the first victim of the Red Devil, when Scream Queens premieres.

Abigail Breslin joins Scream Queens as Chanel No. 5, and Breslin seems to be very interested in the character, perhaps even more so than her fellow Chanel actresses. “She’s smart and cunning and sociopathic and a little bit insane, and it’s exactly what I hoped it would be. I’ve never played a mean girl before… It’s my goal to just be evil and be a mean girl and it’s just been so exciting… It’s such a dream job for me.”


Scream Queens will premiere on September 22 on Fox.

[Featured image courtesy of Fox/Scream Queens]

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