Mike Huckabee Says The FBI, Armed Forces Could Be Deployed To Stop Abortion

While other conservative presidential candidates focus on defunding Planned Parenthood, Mike Huckabee wants to take it a step further. He says he’d like to stop all abortions in America — even if he has to deploy the military and get the FBI involved to do it.

Huckabee has been, like other candidates, vocal about his pro-life stance, especially since the videos that depict a Planned Paarenthood director discussing fees for donated fetal tissue went viral. While Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others talk about defunding the organization, Mike Huckabee is vowing far more. He says he’ll put an end to abortion in America.

In a statement last week, Huckabee compared abortion to slavery, saying that we couldn’t settle for keeping the procedure legal and reducing the number needed, but must eliminate it entirely. Huckabee went on to make it clear that this is about his religious beliefs, adding that, after outlawing abortion, “…we should ask God’s forgiveness for not doing it sooner.”

Just how serious is Mike Huckabee about putting a stop to abortion? According to the Capitol-Journal, so much so that he thinks the armed force would be a reasonable response.

Huckabee argued, in a speech in Jefferson, Iowa, that the Roe v. Wade decision is outdated, and that new science shows us fetuses are human, which, he suggested wasn’t known at the time of that ruling. Despite citing science in the Iowa speech, Mike Huckabee’s Facebook posts reinforce his real reasoning: religion.

Mike Hukabee would end abortion but he claims it's because of science.

Asked if he would use federal forces or the FBI to put an end to abortion, Mike Huckabee didn’t explicitly confirm it, but would not deny. Instead, he said, “We’ll see if I get to be president.”

Huckabee further insisted that he would use all measures at his disposal, saying, “I will not pretend there is nothing we can do to stop this.”

Additional posts on Mike Huckabee’s Facebook page declare that life begins at conception, and that the story of the poaching of Cecil the Lion is just a distraction taking away attention from Planned Parenthood.

However, Huckabee’s failure to deny that he would use the FBI or Federal forces to prevent an abortion from being performed takes his position beyond that of the average conservative politician.

Mike Huckabee has already had to back down on one position in this presidential race, when he scrubbed references to the Duggar family from his campaign site after initially speaking in support of Josh in reference to child molestation reports. It’s less likely he’ll back down from this position, though, unless it’s only with regard to the use of force.

[Photo by: Theo Stroomer/Getty Images]