Betty White Targets Lion-Killing Dentist: We ‘Don’t Want To Hear’ What She Wants ‘To Do’ To Him

Betty White gave the Associated Press some feisty commentary when asked about her feelings on the news of the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion after having the animal lured from protective lands in Zimbabwe earlier this month.

Betty White is passionate when it comes to her work as an animal activist.

“You don’t want to hear some of the things I want to do to that man,” the 93-year-old Golden Girl told the Associated Press on Thursday.

The “man” Betty had in mind at the time is Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who gave alleged Zimbabwe poachers $55,000 to lure locally-famous big cat away from protective grounds so he could kill it.

The dentist, from Eden Prairie, MN, traveled to the African nation “to hunt.”

“It’s such a heartbreaker,” shared a very passionate Betty White. “You can’t even talk about it, and to see this king of the jungle and personifying it in every way, this gorgeous creature. How can somebody do that?”

Betty White is the latest celebrity to react to news of the world-famous lion’s disturbing killing.

CBS News reported that Cecil was drawn from a wildlife preserve and shot on July 1 by American hunter Walter James Palmer. Palmer shot the lion with a crossbow. The wounded cat was then tracked for 40 hours before Palmer killed the lion with a gun.

The American dentist claimed he believed the lion hunt was legal.

“I hired several professional guides, and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted,” said the alleged poacher in a statement per People.

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt.”

The collar was removed from the beheaded and skinned body in attempts to hide the collar.

Palmer apologized for shooting the animal, but the circumstances surrounding the killing of the lion are currently under investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, CNN reports.

The same Minnesota hunter has been in trouble for alleged animal wrongdoing before. Per the Express, there was an incident in 2006 where he lied about illegally hunting and killing a black bear in the U.S.

The “man” targeted by White’s harsh words has garnered world-wide disdain for his actions.

Celebrities, like Betty White, continue to join the ranks of Jimmy Kimmel, Mia Farrow, and others to add their voices in the public outcry against the shooting of Cecil the Lion.

White told AP that she’s “loved animals since the womb.”

The beloved actress shared her feelings on the lion, the dentist, and the Zimbabwe incident while she was promoting Pawgust, a new block of programming in August on Discovery Family Channel. As part of the promotion, DFC will air shows, specials, and movies about animals.

As the host of Pawgust, White will be featured in promos.

“Anything that promotes positive animal knowledge or talk I’m all for,” said Betty White of her work on the Discovery Family show.

White, also the host of Betty White’s Smartest Animals In America, as reported by the Inquisitr, has recently wrapped up a five-year run on Hot in Cleveland.

Betty White and others continue to seek justice for the lion.

[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]