Giant UFO Mothership Over Pampanga, Phillipines, Best Proof Of Aliens, UFOlogists Say [Video]

A spectacular “UFO mothership” sighting that occurred earlier in the year has gone viral on YouTube once again due to persisting questions and raging debates among UFOlogists about its unresolved mystery.

Video clips of the sighting shot by independent witnesses in Pampanga, the Philippines, are attracting attention once again after some online news websites reposted one of the videos due to continued interest in the sighting by alien and UFO enthusiasts who claim that it could be the best UFO sighting in recent times.

The consensus among UFO enthusiasts could be due to the fact that the massive UFO was witnessed by hundreds of residents of Pampanga on the night of April 26, 2015, and months after the sighting no one has been able to give a satisfactory explanation.

Claims that the lights were from a drone being tested by the country’s military have been questioned because no one has come up with evidence or confirmation from the country’s military.

Now, UFO enthusiasts are suggesting that the Pampanga sighting of Sunday, April 26, could be the best proof of alien UFO phenomena yet, and that a close study of the sighting could yield new insights about the nature of UFOs and how they traverse vast expanses of space to reach our planet.

At the time of the sighting, the Inquisitr reported that hundreds of residents along the Lubao Diversion Road in Pampanga reported sighting strange lights in the sky, and that many residents snapped photos and shot videos.

The sighting sparked a hot debate on social media with many declaring that it was an authentic UFO sighting.

Many witnesses were struck by the apparent massiveness of the UFO which flew silently across the sky. Witnesses agreed that the UFO was easily mistaken for a large man-made aircraft, but the eerie silence as the craft flew across the sky suggested something else.

According to witnesses, the UFO had several glowing lights and due to the apparent immensity of the object in the sky some speculated that there were actually two large UFOs flying in formation.

“The many glowing lights are actually just two large UFOs, one bigger on the right and a smaller UFO on the left. Left has only two lights on it. As you can see from the close up below. This is one strange looking UFO.”

Another witness argued that the UFO was obviously not an airplane or a drone because of the unusual arrangement of multiple lights and the extreme brightness of the lights.

“I called my wife after seeing four orange lights come out of the clouds. I went to video it but it suddenly disappeared within the clouds.I believe what I saw and I’m sure this wasn’t a plane.”

According to the Mirror, some UFOlogists now believe that the profusion of lights on the UFO and other similar UFOs sighted in the past suggests that alien UFOs don’t use lights exclusively for navigation or to warn other approaching crafts.

An enthusiast, Brent Peterson, argued that it is possible some UFOs employ a novel alien technology that uses light as part of its propulsion system.

“Maybe the lights are not for navigation, landing or warning to approaching spacecraft but for communication like it Close Encounters of the Third Kind or they are part of a propulsion system? Lasers could one day be used to propel spacecraft into orbit and to other planets.”

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