Cute Alert: Watch Baby Elephant Playing With Birds In Kruger National Park [Video]

A baby elephant was spotted running around in the road in Kruger National Park, seemingly playing with a whole bunch of birds.

For those seriously in need of “cute” in the aftermath of Walter Palmer’s infamous killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, here’s some much better news from Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The baby elephant was being dive-bombed by a whole flock of swallows and got into a playful mood. Her almost cartoon-like antics are so good to watch as she bounces around, attempting to scare away the birds.

As the Elite Daily notes, her ears flap and her tiny trunk flops around comically as the 200-pound elephant becomes totally outnumbered by the swallows and she eventually has enough and heads into the bushes to join her herd. The tourists involved at first didn’t realize what was going on and only later in the video do they realize the baby elephant is playing with the swallows.

Baby elephant

The YouTube video of the baby elephant was posted by Kruger Sightings on July 28 and is already heading towards three million views. The reason for its popularity is clear from the description they put underneath the video.

“With this week being so sad after the loss of a great animal, Cecil the lion, we thought we would cheer everyone up with a video that will make you cry of happiness, rather than sadness.”

In other baby elephant related news, the Inquisitr recently told the tale of yet another happy pachyderm who appeared to be disco dancing right in the heart of Kruger National Park. It certainly looked so darn cute too:

While it seems the park is the place to be for happy elephants, the article explains that the elephant was actually trying to intimidate the photographer, who was getting too close to the herd.

Speaking of cheekier, but rather more Asian elephants, there was a story a while back of a pachyderm who stole a tourist’s camera and took a great “elphie.”

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]