Jessica Simpson Could Earn $14 Million Per Year From Birth Of Child

Jessica Simpson recently gave birth to baby Maxwell Drew Johnson and now she could cash in on that birth to the tune of $14 million per year.

Fox News predicts that Simpson will make most of that money off her fashion line by simply adding in diaper bags, maternity clothes and other baby and pregnancy related products. Simpson’s fashion products are a huge success among women, bringing in a massive $1 billion per year and her take home could be upwards of $5 million a year from mom/baby related goods.

If that isn’t enough to turn your stomach, it is also believed that Simpson could end up with another reality TV show about her time as a mom, a deal that would easily be worth upwards of $5 million.

One of Jessica Simpsons easiest deals could come from Weight Watchers which could push her endorsement up to $3 million. Weight Watchers typically pays stars $33,000 per pound lost and Simpson will have some baby weight she should be able to easily shed.

Simpson is also expected to sell Maxwell’s first baby photos however the Huffington Post believes those photos will go for a smaller $100,000 to $500,000 among, still not bad for a few photos of a newborn.

Simpson has never particularly been famous for her singing chops, her acting ability or her cunning, however when it comes to turning the most mundane moments of life into an enterprise I would argue that nobody has ever done so better than Jessica Simpson.

Do you think celebrities earn way to much money off the birth of their children?