Trial Delayed For Canadian Journalist Mohamed Fahmy

Jose Florez

A Canadian journalist working for the publication Al Jazeera, has been detained in Egypt following a postponed court trial.

The much-anticipated verdict was delayed, which will likely heat things up more as the legal saga continues.

According to Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy, it took several hours until they got word of the postponement. Fahmy spoke to The Canadian Press and gave the following comment in regards to the delayed trial.

"It's just mind boggling the way they continue to play with our emotions here."
"It's very hard on everyone."

The postponement will likely cause more anxiety for Fahmy, as he told the media that it wasn't something he was prepared for. Additionally, Fahmy told CBC News about being frustrated after receiving the unexpected news.

— Mohamed Fadel Fahmy (@MFFahmy11) July 30, 2015

"We were standing outside the court with the press corps surrounding us... and suddenly we were just escorted away from the vicinity of the area and we were left there with no information at all.

"We are extremely angry that the verdict has been adjourned today."

"We are extremely angry that the verdict has been adjourned today."

However, despite his arrest, the Egyptian-born Canadian journalist received the World Press Freedom award in May of 2014.

Egyptian authorities are accusing Fahmy, Mohamed, and Peter Greste, of publishing false news, in addition to supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. All three men worked for the Al Jazeera Media Network.

Recently, the 41-year-old journalist announced his wedding with his fiancée, Marwa Omara. Reporters gathered outside the court where Fahmy showed off their wedding rings, according to the Guardian.

False reporting in journalism is nothing new. Sabrina Rubin Erdely, a Rolling Stone journalist, published a false story about a gang rape that supposedly took place at a University of Virginia fraternity. Other examples of false reporting -- in which journalists got slammed -- include Brian Williams, Judith Miller and Jason Felch.

In recent weeks, Fahmy has been the center of media attention and his trial has turned into one of the most popular journalism court sagas ever. It's anyone's guess what will happen next with the trial.

The case continues.

[Photo via Mohamed El-Shahed / Getty Images]