Bob Saget And More Seen In ‘Unauthorized Full House Story’ Clip

Comedian Bob Saget — or, rather, Saget as portrayed by actor Garret Brawith — can be seen dishing out off-color career advice to his young co-stars in the first clip from Lifetime’s Unauthorized Full House Story.

Yesterday, TV Line released the first official clip from the TV movie, which is set to air on August 22. In it, we see a Full House rehearsal interrupted by one of the cast’s young twin stars needing a diaper change, with Brawith’s Saget and John Stamos (played by Justin Gaton of Days of Our Lives) offering commentary on whether or not their cute co-stars are going to be able to make it through the season. In particular, Saget suggests the placement of a stripper pole on the set.

For those only aware of Saget’s Full House career, hearing those words coming out of the mouth of the America’s Dad of the 90s might seem a bit shocking. But people familiar with the full scope of Bob Saget’s edgier, more offensive stand-up material will likely not bat an eyelid. Fans of the film The Aristocrats may well remember that Saget’s version of the famously disgusting joke was so long and involved, he didn’t even get around to finishing it before his segment was over.

However, regardless of how accurate it may or may not be, Saget (and many other stars) are allegedly not happy with the existence of the Lifetime movie. Dave Coulier (Joey of the original series) was frugal with his commentary when the first cast photo came out, but his feelings on it seem pretty clear.

When interviewed by E! News, Saget had far more to say about just the photo.

“I can’t look at it too long, I’ll turn to salt. I can’t look at it. The one on the left looks like Dave just ate 19 rotwurst.”

Saget agreed with TV daughter Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) when asked how they could have done it better: that is, not doing it at all.

For those in the mood to see the real deal back in action, Bob Saget and many other cast members will be returning for an actual continuation of the series, Fuller House, which is currently in production. Lifetime’s Unauthorized Full House Movie, despite the rather vocal feedback from the original cast, seems to be going ahead as planned, and will be available on your TV screens next month.

[Photo by Scott Schafer / Lifetime]