Teen Steals $200,000 Lamborghini Owned By Guy Fieri

In what originated as an arrest for a drive-by shooting in the San Francisco area quickly turned into much more as the teen that has been arrested is also being charged with the daring theft of a $200,000 Lamborghini owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

Straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, police say that in March 2011 a man rappelled off the roof of a luxury car dealer and into the showroom containing the highest valued automobiles. Finding what he wanted, he is shown quickly speeding off in a canary yellow Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo, worth an estimated $200,000.

17 year Max Wade of San Rafael, CA was brought before a judge to answer on two counts of attempted murder as well as commercial charges associated with his daring car theft last year.

The only glimpse of the Lamborghini after that was by traffic camera’s located on the Golden State bridge a few days later.

Now over 1 year later, Wade has been arrested in connection with the drive-by shooting as investigators stumbled upon a storage locker that not only contained the motorcycle used in the shooting, but also the celebrity owned Lamborghini.

According to authorities, 17 year old Max Wade opened fire on a small pickup truck containing a young couple on April 13th.

The couple was not seriously injured by the shooting, but say that a man dressed in all black riding a motorcycle fired 5 or 6 shots into their parked vehicle only a few feet away.

Judge has set bail at $2 Million and could face life in prison if convicted of attempted murder.

Does the authorities finding Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini surprise you?