Florida Governor on Jesus plates: don't like it, don't buy it

Duncan Riley

The separation of church and state in Florida is under heavy fire, with the State set to issue Jesus Christ number plates.

The proposed license plates depict in one version Jesus on the cross in front of a stained-glass window. The Jesus plates will be similar to vanity plates, in that they will be an option as opposed to general issue.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has been urged to veto legislation that would introduce the number plates, but has so far flatly refused.

"I would not veto those .... No, I would not," Crist said. Asked if he has a problem with Jesus on a license plate, Crist responded "I don’t. No." On the question of Church and state, Crist argued that "If they don’t want one they don’t have to buy one" and defended the plates on the basis that "I think it ... What's it say? 'In God We Trust' on every single piece of monetary, coins and paper we have? I think it’s fine."

Here's a video of the proposed number plates, and the interview with Governor Crist.

(via TampaBay.com)