Massachusetts Mom Doubly Heartbroken As Thieves Steal Bracelet of Deceased Infant Son

A mere 5 months after the heartbreaking death of her 4-month-old son, Brison, Casey Kilcup is suffering another loss as the bracelets she kept in remembrance of him were stolen.

The heartbroken mother is making a public plea for the return of the hospital bracelets she had for them. Kilcup has stated that whoever stole the wallet can keep it, she only asks for the return of her mementos.

On January 14, Kilcup and Brison’s father received the news from Brison’s paternal grandparents that he was in the hospital. Baby Brison had been staying with his grandparents when he began having difficulty breathing. Kilcup says her initial feelings were not of abject horror, as her infant son was suffering from a cold at the time and she thought that was the reason he was unable to breathe. However, Brison Roger Hathaway died unexpectedly that night, and it is believed that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) was the cause.

“We were destroyed,” Kilcup stated.

“We were barely breathing; literally emotional wrecks. I [can’t] even describe what it was like. It was just absolute devastation. It was the most surreal feeling to know we really did lose him.”

An official autopsy has yet to be completed. Unfortunately, recent reports have shown that many parents are not given proper information on SIDS, with overwhelming heartbreaking results. The Kilcup family’s grief has once more been brought to the surface by the theft.

“I first hope that somebody does give the bracelets back, or, tells me where they’ve dumped the wallet,” ABC News reported the the heartbroken mother told them. “Those are the only two things we don’t have of him.”

These heartbroken parents kept everything that belonged to their deceased infant son, and now, only the bracelets are missing. Kilcup placed the bracelets that she and Brison wore at the hospital the day he was born into her wallet as a way to keep him with her at all times. The mom, who has two other children, says that her infant son was a wonderful and old soul.

“He was incredible. He was just the happiest little soul that you would ever find. We remember when he was two weeks old and he was always awake.” Kilcup reminisced, “He always wanted to see what we were up to, what the kids were up to. It was like he was born with this old soul and he knew he wasn’t going to be here for very long, so he just enjoyed every second that he was with us.”

Kilcup only recently returned to work after taking time off to grieve the death of her infant son. Her paycheck from this return was also in the wallet, along with some legal documents, and she subsequently filed a formal police report. However, the mother states that should the bracelets be returned to her, she will not press charges. Kilcup took to her Facebook page to issue her plea for information on the location of the bracelets or the return of them, and thus far, the post has had over 3,000 shares. In fact, the CBS Boston report on the heartbreaking story announced that strangers are also physically seeking to assist in the search.

On July 25, Kilcup returned home and took her sleeping daughter inside her home to put to bed. It was after she returned to the care that she discovered her wallet was stolen. In her Facebook post, the still heartbroken mother did make it clear that forgiveness was in her heart for the thieves, and the return of the bracelet was all she wanted.

“So please if you see this, know that I will pray for you, I am so sorry for you and the difficult life circumstances you must face, but please, bring back my baby boy’s things, no questions asked, I already forgive you.”

If you or anyone you know have any information on the whereabouts of the precious bracelets, please, call the Plymouth Police Department at (508) 830-4218.

[Photos courtesy of ABC News]