Man Commits Suicide After Hacking Wife To Death With An Axe Over Troubled Marriage

A troubled marriage ends when a 37-year-old man, Oliver Ruse, of Long Melford, Suffolk, hacked his wife to death with an axe before committing suicide by jumping off a 6-foot multi-story building, according to Mirror.

After investigators discovered Ruse’s body on November 13, 2014, they uncovered a bloody axe concealed in a black bag inside of his car, which was parked at the top of the building where he jumped.

When Long Melford police officials arrived at his home to inform his 39-year-old wife Deborah of the suicide, they discovered her mangled body lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood. It appeared she had been hacked to death by her husband with an axe, sustaining severe injuries to her face, head, and neck.

The two married in 1998, but when their relationship became toxic, they decided to separate in 2013. Deborah disappeared for six months with a man named Alex who she reportedly had an ongoing affair with in Brazil, but she returned home last year, and things have not been pleasant.

Oliver’s sister Elizabeth Cross revealed that the married couple argued relentlessly, and Oliver had even confided in his sister, saying that the “only way out was to kill Deborah,” but he claims he couldn’t do it because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

Sometime during the troubled marriage, Oliver was placed in a mental institution due to depression and anxiety, but soon after, he was released.

Officer Eammon Bridger said that “After the hand axe was found concerns were raised about what may have happened. Deborah was found in the kitchen, the room was heavily blood-stained because of her wounds.”

“There were no signs of a struggle. She died of wounds to the head, neck and face and a sharp weapon had been used to cause those injuries. There was a blunt impact injury on the back of her head which may have stunned her or rendered her inconclusive.”

“His injuries were consistent with a fall from height,” the officer continued.

“There was blood staining consistent with blows of red blood on his trousers and shoes. She would have been on the ground. It was consistent with him striking her with an axe, with at least part of that with her being in the floor.”

“Deborah Ruse was unlawfully killed and there is nothing to suggest otherwise. It is the only verdict I can come to,” said the assistant coroner Yvonne Blake. “His actions in the car park give some evidence to show he had suicidal ideology.”

“I’m satisfied he wasn’t intoxicated at that time and had therapeutic levels of drugs in his system.”

“He would have understood the consequences of those actions and therefore I’m satisfied it was suicide.”

[Creative Commons image from Martin Cathrae/Flickr (resized)]