Meghan Trainor’s ‘Peanuts’ Appearance Accompanied By First Soundtrack Single ‘Better When I’m Dancin’ [Photo, Video]

Meghan Trainor’s Peanuts role is more than just a song on the soundtrack as the creators look to reboot the family franchise. The “All About That Bass” singer is also getting an animated likeness in the 3D film.

Having never dealt with films before, Meghan Trainor’s debut entry was a lesson in confidence both in and out of the studio. She was scared of doing it wrong, “I was so nervous. I wanted to make sure I [did] exactly what they wanted.”

For inspiration, Trainor went back to her earlier career, when she was gaining fame for being “all about that bass.” The producers had told her they wanted a song about confidence and it dawned on her what the new song would be.

Meghan proceeded to write “Better When I’m Dancin’” for The Peanuts Movie, a song about how she really feels about being on stage.

“I feel better when I’m on stage, dancing and distracted. So that’s what I wrote about: feeling better when you’re dancing and having fun and forgetting about everything else.”

It turned out that Meghan Trainor’s Peanuts track about confidence was exactly what the producers were looking for. One classic scene everybody knows from previous incarnations of the Peanuts franchise has all of the kids dancing, so Meghan’s song fit the mood.

As a special thanks to the singer, the animators made a character from Trainor’s “All About That Bass” music video and added it to the lineup of series regulars such as Linus, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Lucy. Upon seeing her animated self, Meghan beamed, “I got the little bowtie! Isn’t it so cute? I love it.”

Could this be the first of many movie soundtracks featuring Meghan Trainor songs, or is she content to just have one for now? Catch Meghan Trainor in The Peanuts Movie and see for yourself on November 6.

[Image via YouTube]