Donald Trump Debate Strategy: ‘I Have To Be Myself’ [Video]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is placing high in recent presidential polls, to the surprise of some. In fact, Donald Trump is currently holding the top position. With the upcoming GOP debate planned for next Thursday, Aug. 6, the top contenders are preparing for battle with Donald Trump.

CNN’s Don Lemon asked Donald Trump point blank what his preparation plans entailed.

“You’re going to be on that stage. You’ll have a timer. You’ll be up against the other candidates. Are you preparing? Do you have a debate coach? Are you ready for this?”

In his usual no-nonsense, straightforward way, Donald Trump jumped in and confidently spoke his mind.

“I am what I am. A debate coach? Look, Romney had a debate coach and Obama had a debate coach. Frankly, I thought Obama was terrible but Romney got worse and worse every time there was a debate. By the time they had third debate he was catastrophic.

“I have to be myself, Don. If it’s not good enough, that’s okay, I’ll go on to other things. I’ll ride into the sunset and do some more buildings and create more jobs and that’s okay. I’m doing this because I want to make America great again. That’s why I’m doing it.”

Some think Donald Trump is unprepared in “flying by the seat of his pants”, so to speak, and yet others find Donald Trump’s tactic refreshing. It is almost unheard of to go into a debate with no strategy, planning instead to answer each question with honesty. What a novel idea.

In an interview with CNN,Donald Trump says he has never been part of a heated public battle.

“I’m by far number one, so I’m going to be there. But I’m not a debater. I create jobs. I’ve never stood at a podium and debated a bunch of people.

“From what I hear, every one of them’s going to come at me. For two hours, I’m going be in the lion’s den, but I don’t do that for a living. I hear everyone saying I’ll be great at debate. I don’t know if I’ll do good. I look forward to debate, but I’ve never done it before.

“They say Jeb Bush hasn’t been on stage lately. I haven’t been on stage my whole life. And nobody talks about that. I have to be honest. I am who I am.”

Donald Trump’s final sentence seems to sum up his entire campaign, which is quite different than his current GOP contenders, as well as those who have come before him.

Do you think Donald Trump has a chance to win the Republican presidential bid for 2016? And if so, would you vote Donald Trump for president?

[Image credit: Christopher Gregory/Stringer/Getty Images]